Friday 11th December 2020

Jogging’s done for the day. Not sure if I can see any difference with the waist line decreasing, but I’m not getting out of breath as much as I was, so that’s a bonus.

Again, another uneventful day. A trip to the Post Office, a go at decluttering again and listening to my bestie on the phone about her ungrateful children, well they’re adults now. I can’t wait for her diary to go online as she lives in the middle of a real life soap opera and the stuff that she comes out with you cannot make it up!

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow.



Wednesday 10th December 2020

Slobby day today.

Yes, I’ve been having a slob out day and listing some bits on my ebay store.

Magical Musicals | eBay Shops (

Oh the glamorous life I lead.

I was going to go out jogging tonight but I’m rather tired and I also blame the great film, America’s Sweethearts for making me stay in tonight. Yes, I’m being shackled to my sofa with a cup of coffee and toast.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some more energy. in the meantime I’m craving a bar of chocolate and don’t have any in the house. Argh!!! The agony.

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Catch you all tomorrow.



Wednesday 9th December 2020


We now have 100 followers on our Facebook page. Thank you. How exciting is that? Can we double the followers by the end of the year? Only you sexy peeps can do that by spreading the word to your friends.

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Completely changing the subject, this afternoon I started buying my Christmas dinner. It’s only going to be me this year as my mum passed away in February, so it’s going to be rather odd but not quite lonely, as I have my cat to keep me company. Saying that, he does give me dirty looks when I sing and dance for him. Rude. And he should be happy today as I spent £28 on special cat biscuits.

My beautiful picture

Again I went jogging tonight and decided that I now need some running tights. So any of you sexy sissies who want to make me feel special, here is my Amazon Wish List.

There are other stuff on there, so do take a look. Perhaps if you bought me some lingerie, I could take some private pics for you!

Take care and see you tomorrow.



Tuesday 8th December 2020

Just come back from jogging and my legs are freezing. Luckily I found my old black 80’s leg warmers earlier, so they are keeping me toasty. I should invest in some long running tights to wear under my shorts. Hmmm. Idea!

If anyone is feeling generous, you can buy me a pair from my newly created Amazon wish list. The link is on our Sissy Site Facebook page.

Nothing exciting, but as I was looking in my garage for some bungees to tie up some boxes to my trolley this afternoon, I accidently caught the leg on my pyjama bottoms and ripped a small hole in them. That’s ok as no one is going to see that and I can easily sew that up.



Monday 7th December 2020

Accounts Day.

Well, Monday’s are always my account’s day as I go through the previous week’s sales to see how much profit I’ve made and compare the sales to last year. Unfortunately currently I’m down on sales compared to last year, but at least each sale now will have some kind of profit, unlike my previous mistakes of inaccurate pricing, which caused me to have considerable losses. You should have heard my beastie tell me off about this! She should be a happy bunny now.

So after packing up some parcels to take to the Post Office tomorrow, I’m now watching a repeat TV programme about adult work and camming. It’s really interesting how much money these beautiful people make just by showing their bits on cam. Knowing my luck, if I did that, I’d lose money because of the refunds. Ha ha.




Whilst out jogging last night, I popped by to see a friend who had recently lost someone close. I think she was surprised and happy to see me as we stood chatting on the doorstep for nearly half an hour.

By this time, my bits were starting to grow icicles, so I said goodbye as I needed to warm them up with my jogging. That didn’t help.



Facebook Followers!

Wow! We now have 82 followers on our Facebook page. Thank you,

(1) Sissy Site | Facebook

This is really exciting. Stocking legs crossed we should reach 100 followers by next week.

Today I’ve been looking for something glamourous to write about, but all I’ve done is gone to the Post Office, watched Bedazzled film, had Chicken Kiev and noodles and now getting ready to watch Stictly Come Dancing before going for a jog to burn off my lunch. I need to get my lockdown stomach a bit flatter for when the clubs start to open sometime next year. Although my sit up machine thing is taking pride of place in the kitchen disguised as an alternative table.