Tuesday 22nd December 2020


Not having a great few days at the moment as my cat is ill and he’s at the vet’s hospital. Poor Patch as he’s constipated and can’t have a number two. Apparently he’s dehydrated which could be the reason for stopping him from doing his business. As of writing this, he’s having some blood tests and being rehydrated. I’m just waiting for the phone call to see what’s happening. I’ve been so upset lately and crying all day that my face is all blotchy and red under my eyes. I must be crying acid!

On a lighter note, our Facebook page is growing everyday. Plus I’ve been inviting everyone to join our Sissy Site Facebook Group, which has been very popular and is starting to get some posts and chats. I’ve tried to set up some kind of group on Twitter too for everyone to post naughtier pics, but not sure how that works yet. Hopefully sometime next year (when I can afford it) I will try and see if I can create a forum or group on here too.

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