Monday 14th December 2020

Accounts and decluttering day.

Monday’s my accounts day. They are still not looking wonderful. I’m down on sales compared to this time last year. Hmm. I wonder why?

I think I need a naughty elf to get me going and help me with my parcels. But if they are really naughty, then I will punished them and lock them in my cage. Any one want to apply?

I’ve filled a box of china ornaments ready to take to the charity shop tomorrow, so that has cleared some space on the shelf and in the cupboards. I was looking forward to hosting some naughty parties this year and had started to clear away the clutter, but with what’s going on, the parties are now on hold until sometime next year. As well as some new business ideas.

And to top it all, my area is now going into Tier 3. So for that, I’m sending out some positive energies for you all.

Right, I’m off to pack some more parcels for tomorrow. I will see you then.

Take care.



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