Wednesday 30th December 2020

A hashtag kind of day.

After having problems with my Instagram page for not showing the hashtags or any descriptions, I’ve now found out what the problem was. Apparently you are only allowed to add up to 30 hashtags at a time on Instagram. And there’s me thinking it was 50! No wonder all of my recent posts were missing their descriptions.

And to top it all, I’ve been hashtagging the wrong way all this time! For the best results from your posts, it’s ideal that you only use between 3 – 5 hashtags at a time. Plus they must be relevant to the picture or story. By doing this, it makes it easier for Instagram to find your hashtags to promote on their hashtag and follow pages and less confusing for your audience to find you.

With that knowledge in hand, I’ve been looking at different posts on Twitter as well and I’ve discovered many new hashtags to use. Plus I’ve now created a document with lists of subjects and what hashtags to complement them.

(Drinking game. How many of the word Hashtags have I used so far?)

Great news. We now have over 100 followers on our Twitter page. Come along and show off your naughtier pics.

Sissy Site (@SiteSissy) / Twitter

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Just to spice things up, I have started a series of dares for you to have fun with. These range from simple and fun dares to the more humiliating sissification side of a sissy. I already have one sissy on a dare now and it looks like she is having fun. Watch out for the posts and I expect to see the pics from your dares. And if you’ve been a really naughty girl and have not obeyed orders, I may have to charge you for the privilege.

Our Sissy Site Facebook group is now classed as private. We can still be found on the internet, but people can’t see any members or posts on there until they themselves become a member. If you’re already a member, why not ask your sissy friends to join too.

As you can see, over the last few days I have been busy learning new things to share with you all, especially learning about the different aspects of the sissy world that I never knew existed. I will go into more detail on a later blog.

But for now, have a great day, keep your fake lashes fixed onto those eyes and stay alert from any action coming at either side and either end.

Take care.



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