Wednesday 16th December 2020

I mentioned yesterday that I took a walk where I normally jog at night and noticed that the area was peaceful, calming yet lacking colour except for green or brown. I told my friend that they needed some flowers and had a lightbulb moment. I’ve been collecting seeds from my garden all summer, waiting to plant some of them for next year, so why not scatter some seeds by the trees and hedges? So I did tonight and became an urban gardener. Ha ha. So hopefully next year there maybe some marigolds, poppies, aquilina and geraniums popping up. That’s if the wildlife don’t eat them first. I may put a shout out to my local friends to see if they have any spare packs of seeds that I could have.

Tier 3 has landed on us here in London so no playtime for us. My bestie is in Tier 2 as well as her elder children. One of them has gone to Butlin’s for Christmas with her family, but apparently they are coming home early in disgust. Oh dear. I will let you know what happened tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow.

Take care.



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