Tuesday 15th December 2020

As it was a nice day, I decided to go for my jog this afternoon to my local wildlife area, just to see what the scenery was like as I normally go there at night. Well, remind me not to go off track and do cross country at this time of year. If you didn’t already know, even on a sunny day, muddy tracks get muddier after lots of rain and they turn into mini ponds and bogs! I was slipping and sliding all over the place and my poor Sketchers must have gained a stone in weight due to the mud that I brought home. This was some kind of experience that will NEVER happen again. NEVER!

By the way, if anyone wants any pics of my muddy shoes, just ask.

I must have been tired after all that thrashing and sploshing about in the mud as I did the eye thing, aka napping, for two hours. I can’t even have a restful sleep on the sofa whilst napping as my dreams are so bizarre and eventful. My bestie laughs at them as I get up to all kinds of mischief in them. I bet she’s jealous. Ha ha.

Another great friend who I met working at The Body Shop many years ago and has moved down south by the seaside, has made a simple sissy skirt for the first time and she has made her hubby model it. I saw the pics and don’t get excited girlies, as the hubby is fully clothed and the skirt is over his trousers. She is going to send it to me to see what I think and if I like it, she may make some more for me to sell. I’m looking into other sissy products to sell so keep popping by for updates.

I’m not sure if you already know but apparently Pornhub and Xtube have removed millions of videos lately due to illegal content. If you belong to any of those sites, please check your profiles. Also you may need to verify yourselves on those sites now in order to post new videos and content. In the meantime, check any other sites that you belong to as with Brexit due anytime now, European based companies may also delete UK residents profiles and contents.

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Today’s thoughts are done until tomorrow.

See you then.



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