Friday 8th Jannuary 2021

Happy New Year.

Well what a start to the New Year!

It looks like we have a light at the end of the dark tunnel regarding vaccines. I believe we have a third kind of vaccine ready to roll out here in the UK. Let’s hope things will get back to some kind or normality soon.

So with lockdown in progress, I decided that I can’t mope about the house because of my low online sales and have been concentrating on my social media by trying to get the name of Sissy Site out there.

For those who don’t know me yet, I’m not a typical hard nosed business man who enjoys treading on people to get what they want. And yes, I’d admit I’d be the first one on The Apprentice to be fired for being ‘the nice one’, but I do try to run my business in an enlightened way and help people out in the process. I know that may sound rather wet and feeble to some of you but I believe in Karma. What you sow, you shall reap. Ever since I discovered the Internet I’ve always been one of those online Yenta’s who match people to websites. So I guess fate has led me to create this website and now it’s my turn to blossom into a wonderful butterfly!

On a brighter note, my Twitter and Instagram now have over 200 followers which is fantastic, especially as I only created them a few months ago. Plus I’ve created a selling site group on Facebook where I can share my products for a limited time at a discounted rate and have exclusive launches and events.

Here is the link to our Facebook page. (4) Sissy Site | Facebook

With all this this online stuff going through my mind, plus after watching a tv programme on BBC2 about celebrities and how much money they make just from their social media platforms, I bit the bullet and have decided to create a YouTube channel called Sissy Site. There’s nothing on there at the moment as I’m still reluctant, as a middle aged 53 year old man, to watch myself, or even hear myself on film or tape, yet it’s even bad enough having my photo’s taken. But when I do upload a video, you will be the first to know.

Saying that, please click on the subscribe button and follow all the updates on here.

And whilst I’ve been following people online, I have learnt that there are different aspects to being a sissy. I never knew that a cuckold husband can be called a sissy, and an adult baby too. I’m sure there are more varieties in the sissy world to discover. Watch this space! How exciting.

Not being a Debbie Downer, I have had such a bad 2020 (I’m sure some of you have too) by loosing two loved ones and now starting the New Year off in debt, that I need to get out there and make some decent money from my business.

I want you all to come on that journey with me and share in the success. By doing that, I will be able expand the business and brand and invest in new stock, premises, create new jobs and hopefully (when we can get to some kind of normality) organise events and parties. This can only happen with your help. So please share our social media sites and subscribe to the blogs on our website, where in time, the website will grow in to a glamourous place where we can share ideas, information and connect with each other.

Thank you to everyone’s contributions and support. You really don’t know what that means to me. Let’s make 2021 a prosperous, healthy and a positive year.

Take care.


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