Sunday 13th December 2020

Oh dear. I think I have a mullet.

Boredom has kicked in today and I have butchered my hair. I know. Don’t tell me off. In a moment of madness I have cut my hair shorter on top and it’s a bit longer at the back. Oh well. Things happen. It will grow back. I say get over it. It’s not as bad a what my bestie is going through at the moment.

My poor bestie is having trouble with her adult kids, yet again. She is so ill and no one’s bothered to pop by to see if she needs anything. Even her oldest friend who lives about 5 houses away rarely bothers to slip on her Crocs to see if she needs any help and after all the help my bestie has done to help organise her mum’s funeral. Infuriating. Grrr.

As I said in a previous blog, my friend lives in a real life soap opera. This is what happening so far. Grab a drink as you will need it.

One of her kids has been messing her husband about by sleeping with other men over the past few years and has decided to go travelling god knows where. If that was me, I would have kicked her out and told her where to go ages ago. But perhaps he gets off with that kind of thing? One has lumbered my bestie with a needy dog and has gone away for Christmas with her loud family. One has just had a baby with another woman. That’s three different children he’s had with three different women and he’s even dumped his eldest and only son onto my friend to raise from a baby. And to top it off, he doesn’t even give my friend any money to look after his son. Just grief. One is very shy who keeps himself to himself and cocoons himself with a bunch of weird friends and the youngest of the tribe crawls about the house in a green stench only to raise himself from his grungy pit just for food or drink.

It’s annoying that she lives two hours away from me. But I wouldn’t be able to visit her at the moment anyway due to Covid and I can’t afford the train fare either. I’m glad that my mum isn’t about as she would give each kid what’s for!!!

Her 15 year old son has suddenly hit puberty and he grunts at everything, mopes about all day, plays on his video game thing or just stays in bed. She’s even painting the larger bedroom for him to move into and making it into some kind of bed sit and he can’t even be bothered to help or appreciate what she’s doing. I know she reads this blog and knows she knows what I think. If that was me, I would get rid of all his mod cons and kick him into gear. But knowing her son, he would just look at her and crawl back into his dank hole. I can’t wait to see what happens in six weeks time when he turns 16!

Phew! Right. I’m off now to watch Dick and Angel with their Chateau.

Stay tuned.

See you tomorrow.



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