Friday 10th November 2023

Hello my lovelies. 

I hope all is well.

Two weeks ago I had a fruitful visit to Liz’s for Halloween before she pops off to Edinburgh next month to meet one of her men from her hareem. 

For those who don’t know, Liz talks in her sleep and generally comments on random stuff as she catches her zeds. To my amusement, I reply back to see if we can strike up some kind of conversation and see where that leads us. Sometimes it can be rather comical, especially the time when she was stayed at mine and screeched ‘cock a doodle doo in the middle of the night!’

Though this time she murmured that ‘I’m loosing a trick’ regarding my business (which she had said many times over the past few months whilst doing my tarot cards but never knew what that meant) and we also had to ask Gabriel. 

The next day I told her what had happened and we both laughed. We don’t know any Gabriel’s.

Night time came around again and as usual, she fell asleep on the sofa, leaving me to watch crap on TV surrounded by her cats and dogs who were piled up on top of me.

The next thing I know is that she’s uttering about how she’s looking forward to tomorrow (it was Halloween and it would be her New Years Eve) as Gabriel and now Michael is going to help.

I still don’t know who these people are and now Michael has joined the party! The cheek.

Again I told her what happened and even she didn’t have a clue who these people were. 

Then it clicked.

She had been chuntering on about her Gabriel angel cards she bought a few years ago.

It turns out that these cards also contain messages from the angel Michael.

So, having had another spiritual kick up the bum, the cards said that I must treat my business as a business and not limit myself with a small target audience, to which I have been doing. 

Everything that I want can be achieved, I just have to get off my bum and work for it. So that’s great news. Phew!

The ‘trick’ that I have been missing (the answer was finally revealed and it was positively simple) is that I’m missing out on seasonal products and now I should be selling my Christmas ranges (which I don’t have yet, but busily scouting out for some bits and pieces.) Also I need to concentrate more on my site as this will bring in the viewers which will lead in to sales. 

Even before this message,  Liz and I have been working on a project on Kinky Klobber with something that we’ve been talking about for months and now have put in to fruition. 

We have created a Kinky Terminology page where most Kinky phrases, initials and hashtags can be found in alphabetical order.

There you will find the meanings, some psychology behind the topics and possibly ‘how to do’ techniques. 

Eager to get on with this before my visit to Liz, I started to create some pages so that I can add stock to them and information. 

This I did. Though not properly, according to the horror of Liz’s reaction and an hour and a half of fixing my mistakes.  

And there’s me thinking I was being proactive and helpful!

Anyway, Liz showed me what to do (with apprehension) and I started adding pages to the Kinky Terminology list whilst she had a bath. 

I must have about one hundred words on the list so far and now I have to write out their meanings. This is going to take ages, but worth it.

We are aiming for Kinky Klobber (as we’re now 6 years old) to be like Liz’s old website she once owned about ten years ago. Back in the day, it was very popular within a certain martial arts sporting genre as it contained tons of information on what to look for when joining a local club, the latest rules and regulations, descriptions of venues, child protection details and the different styles of the sport that were gathered under the generic ‘umbrella’ name, along with the different branches of federations of who they were and what they did.  

Unfortunately her passion for the sport subsided due to her kids spoiling it for her, but she is now dipping her mistress, manicured toes back in to it. Though not at the level or commitment as once before.

Her site contained a huge wealth of information, news and features which every level of that sporting community could take inspiration from.

It was such a shame that she didn’t make any money from it, as today, she would certainly be earning a comfortable living from it. Or could have sold it for thousands of pounds!

Saying that, she’s a lazy cow and would never had made the effort. Never mind. I guess it was not to be.

Anyway, it looks like it’s back to work for me. I can see ahead of me many late nights of being hunched over my lap top with my head stuck in the screen. I’d rather my head be stuck somewhere else.

Oops. I mustn’t get distracted and get on with it. Work, that is.

Since writing the first part of this blog, I’ve been doing my stock take on Kinky Klobber and have been refreshing the stock on there, adding new products and removing the ‘out of stock’ items. It’s not worth having such things on there, cluttering up the pages. So off and trashed they go! I will do the same on here soon.

It’s taking ages to go through the jewellery as they need to be repackaged and rebranded with their Kinky Klobber backing cards. But that’s what was needed. I should be done with all that and now, so by the time this blog is published, I will be sorting out the clothing products and going through each listing. Yay.

I’m glad that I’ve taken the week off work to go through my website, which it has given me time to rethink of where I should be heading for next year. I now have my business priorities in the right place now and will invest more time and energy in to producing a decent income and profit from it to where I can work from home on a full time basis.

As Liz always says about her bin manifesting story, ‘I need a bin for my cup. I know there’s a bin somewhere during my walk. I don’t know where it is or how long it will take me to find it, but there’s a bin waiting for me.’ And I know that this works as Liz has proved it this year. I can’t say what has happened, as that’s private, but her manifestations have come true. And now she’s on her next stage. You go girl.

So that’s what I’m doing now. Here is my daily manifesting saying.

I earn enough money from my successful businesses to be able to work from home on a full time, self employed basis.

I know this will work, as I’m getting more followers on my social media platforms. I just need to do the hard bit, just like in any other business, convert the followers in to customers. I know I shouldn’t be staying stuff like this publicly, but if I can help or inspire anyone who is struggling with their business at the moment, then that’s a bonus for me.

My home is still a mess, with boxes to go through and sort out, although I did manage to buy some gold paint to do my doors and skirting boards. Why is the paint that I want more expensive to other ones? I want a hammered effect on my ceiling as I already have wood chip paper covering it (don’t judge as my dad put it up years ago and it’s still in good nick) but the gold paint for that only comes in small tins, so that may work out expensive. Perhaps I may need to add that to my Amazon Wish List?

Anyway, I’m even thinking of getting a leopard print corner suite for my lounge. What do you think? So decadent dahling!!!  

Liz is coming up very, very, early Monday morning to hang my wallpaper, so I had to go out and buy new brushes and wallpaper paste. I can’t wait to see the difference to my lounge. I should put some before and after pics on here. What do you think?

Oh well it’s back to work tomorrow, so I better iron my shirts tonight instead of rushing about in the morning as I usually do.

Have a great weekend.

Stay special my lovelies.



Saturday 14th October 2023

Hello my lovelies.

Where are those pesky ninja turtles? A new shredder is in town!

Ha ha. That’s what I’m calling myself at the moment as I’m in the middle of shredding all of my out of date business papers.

I have at least 20 thick (mmm thick) folders to go through and each one, once shredded can easily fill up a dustbin bag.

So instead of decorating as I haven’t got the right colour of gold paint for my ceiling and skirting boards yet, I’m trying to be proactive and clear out more clutter and irrelevant paper work.  

There’s still more stuff to go through in the loft, but it won’t be that bad this time as I’ve already cleared a lot of junk from up there when my friends were here two months ago. 

I’ve also got a wardrobe full  of my mum’s Elvis Presley memorabilia to sort through and to list on ebay. That’s going to be a mammoth task to ungergo but it needs to be done. 

On the other hand, once those lovely old fashioned till kerchings from my website start ringing again on my silent phone, I’ll be able to reinvest the money back into my business and buy some new sexy lingerie for you.

So please spred the word about our site and do like and share my posts on social media as this makes a big difference.

More good news, I’ve just been promoted at work to supervisor. Yay. I’ve been a cover supervisor for nearly a year and I’ve done the work before at a bigger theatre, which means I don’t have to sit in and watch the audience or the show anymore, only to do late seating or watch people who are behaving badly (to which our show attracts that kind of behaviour sadly) and then having to deal with any situations. 

We’ve had many situations this week including fights in the auditorium, countless people ‘asked to leave’ and some refused entry as they were too drunk to even stand up. 

The money is a bit better (though still not good enough for what we have to put up with regarding unruly customers with no theatre ettiquette, bad manners or who are drunk out of their heads which can cause them to be violent or rude) and I can use that extra money to pay off my credit card and to sort my house out. 

We’re hoping for a rise throughout our industry soon. Though it’s up to the union BECTU and the producers of all the West End shows to work out a deal. So fingers crossed that’s going to be soon!  

I shall be popping down to Liz’s in a few weeks time for Halloween. I do like it down there in leafy Surrey as it has a calming effect on me. Also at this time of year, all of her local chocolate box style high street shops go overboard for the Halloween holiday season.

Plus the garden centres will be in mid bloom with their Christmas displays too, which will give us a chance to have some fun photo opportunities to post on our personal social media sites. Though I will not make the same mistake as I did last year and wear the same jumper as I did in the previous year’s pictures. Even if it is my favourite jumper, it’ll have to stay home!

Whilst there, I’m hoping to buy some gold paint so that I can get back to finishing off the ceiling and woodwork in my lounge. I’m not sure what to do in the hall yet, perhaps keep the same theme and link it altogether.

Also, if we have time from shopping and sightseeing (my terminology for being taken to her local ‘Miss Marple’ idyllic villages, pubs and shops, as well as visiting her family and their kids) and that’s to update my website and add some pages. We have an idea in mind to put on which will mean a lot of work involved and lots of research. We’ve been tossing this idea about for a long time now, and Liz needed it a few months ago. So I guess it’s a possible project. I’ll let you know the outcome of that.

I guess whilst I’m at Liz’s, we’ll need to create some more content for her social media. May have to be drunk for that!

The new Queen of Spades merchandise is creating a lot of interest and has started to go well. I did not know there were so many cuckolded husbands and boyfriends out there. Especially those who love to share a big black cock too! Just need to find different items to print the design on and get our name out there.

Yes I’m still working on a logo for Sissy Site. I want to keep the logo simple in case we can create an app one day. Now wouldn’t that be good?

I may need to be quick with this a my designer friend has been headhunted by her local school where she will become part of the administration team. I’m really pleased for her as she’s been looking for local work for so long and now it has come to her.

Thank you for the donations recently. Yes I understand that the cost of living has increased vastly, but if you can spare to donate at least £5 to help keep our website going, that would make all the difference. 

Names and amount can be disclosed for privacy.

Donations –

Thank you.

Keep checking our Twitter and Facebook pages for any updates.

Take care.



Tuesday 26th September 2023

Hello my lovelies. 

Wow! Thank you.

I’ve just been notified that we now had over 10,000 hits on our site. That’s fabulous. 

I can’t thank you enough.

My friend at work has started to make anime themed pin badges with her 3D printer. Her first effort or prototype looks really good and professional, so I’m going to see how she gets on with them and then will look into designing my own pins and charms. We’ve already discussed this business idea over a cup of tea whilst she was designing her pins on her PC at work. 

I’m still looking into designing a new logo for the business (though not sure on what I want at the moment, so that doesn’t help, does it?) and need to make the site more attractive and pretty, along with some additional features.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like to see on here, please let me know. 

Regarding my day to day duties at home and work, I’m going to be honest with you and put my hands up. I’ve been very naughty and rather lazy this August in terms of sorting out my house. It’s been too hot for me to be on bended knees to clean and scrub the floors so I thought I will restart when the weather turns and my motivation takes hold again. 

I’ve now got under two weeks to sand down the lounge walls and skirting boards before Liz comes back to visit as she’s to going hang my wallpaper and paint the woodwork in antique gold. Just need to buy the paint!

I’ve also need some lining paper to be put up in the spare room and then painted white as this is going to be my office and craft room. 

So if any of you sexy beasts are local painters and decorators that live near the East End of London and are willing to charge mates rates with the bonus of ‘extras’ included, then please contact me. Wink! Wink!

As we speak, I still have lots of boxes in the kitchen,  lounge and garage to go through and decant, though admittedly I did have an excuse not to do anything for a few days (well it’s a poor excuse so don’t judge) as I had Louise and Mark’s daughter stay for a long weekend and we were out gallivanting around London for most of the time. 

It was great to see her as she hadn’t been to my house for nearly two years and was shocked and pleased on how well I was getting on.

I can’t believe that I forgot she is so like her mum regarding her mannerisms and attitude on life (especially the early morning get up and go mentality, unlike me where it still feels like the middle of the night and I need another five minutes to peel my eyes open with a giant pair of forceps) and it was great that she threw out some cracking ideas to think about and gave a fresh view on my plans, not just about my home but about my business too.  

This week my Queen Of Spades lapel pins have arrived and I’m so happy to add them to my collection. 

These will make a great stocking filler or a sexy secret Santa gift for your loved one, your secret one or that naughty secretary at work!

As you can see, I’m now back at the research stage and looking out for new and exciting products (I guess this will always be a constant thing for me as I need to stay ahead of the competition and be a leader in the industry) and trying to find original  items to have my designs printed on. 

I have some ideas, but need to keep in mind of the cost of each product when looking as at first they may deem to be a decent price, but then I have to calculate in the fees and post and packaging, ending up with the hope of  some kind of profit margin when reselling.  

Oh the joy of being self employed. 

Well that’s all for now.

Don’t forget to follow and like my Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter feeds for up to date news and product info.

‘Likes are great, but ‘buys’ are better!

As they say, #mimo

Miss It. Miss Out!

Play safe my lovelies.



Wednesday 13th September 2023

Chaos has chosen my house!!!

Not just chosen, but has been taken over, devoured by the hungry appetite of the DIY monster and spat it out the other end, spewing its guts of garbage all over the place!

My poor walls are naked and exposed, all ready for a good rub down. The lounge floor has had its safe, comforting carpeted covering viciously ripped away by the orders of Mistress Morwenna (aka Liz) and don’t get me started on my poor box room, echoing from its empty shell, yeaning to be filled up, played with and loved once more. 

Yes it does sound dramatic, but I’ve never experienced an upheaval like this in such a long time where normality  now resides in a blank canvas, being tripped up by an army of boxes to the point of having to navigate around them or strategically move them like a general with his troops in order to get to the kitchen just to make a cup of tea.

Oh the joys of decorating. 

And now you can officially call me a scrubber. Yes I’m now on my knees (wait for it and don’t get too ahead of yourselves you naughty people) and scrubbing all the filth away from the floor tiles that were hidden underneath the old fashioned ‘granny’ brown and gold swirly carpet.

About thirty five years of dirt and dust needs to be swept away, scrubbed and wiped clean, in order to cleanse the house so that all the good fortune, vibes and opportunities that are knocking at the door can come in and fulfill their destiny.

I know the place is a mess and not ready for any kind of entertaining (although the guest room is practically finished, so that’s an option. Mmm. I’ll have to have a think about that and find a way of making it into my playroom as well. Ooh. Black out curtains here I come) but I’m positive that it will get better as all the preparation has been done and now the exciting bit of choosing the decor can commence.

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, but I’m going for a Moulin Rouge theme for my lounge and hall. Red crushed velvet swags a gogo, blonde oak wooden flooring and can-can show girl feathers sewing off the red and gold damask clad walls.  

It’s going to be very exotic, decadent, bohemian and theatrical. Oh alright then… Camp!

Yes I know that sounds eccentric and not what you’ll find in a normal family filled IKEA furnished, minimalistic muted home or a simple lined Kelly Hoppen designed house, but I do like stuff that’s classed as over the top, loud and brash. That’s me. I’m not going to apologise for that. Full stop. End of.

Back in the day when my mum and dad were alive, my  house was always full of people and everyone was welcome. And that’s what I want again. Somewhere that’s safe for friends to pop by, relax and have a good time.

It’s always been a happy house, with fun and laughter filling up the place. But over the past few years, it feels that its been in mourning, missing the loved ones that have sadly passed. And now, it’s quietly waiting in the shadows, sussing out the next generation to see what they can bring to the table before and bursting from its dormant cocoon and blossom into its next and exciting chapter.   

Yes it’s a big responsibility being a home owner and a grown up, taking on the challenge and custodian of the family’s heritage (this sounds rather grand and pretentious but it’s just an ex-council house) but I’m now ready to give it the love and attention it once had and now deserves. 

With all that in mind, I now need to put all my extra energy and money into building up my business, with the goal of making a continual profit in order to work from home full time and not have to worry about paying my bills and have plenty of money for recreational activitiesq.  

Saying that, I have started to filter in a new range of Queen Of Spades clothing and merchandise range to compliment my Jack Of Spades line of products that I already sell.

So for any of you cuckolded husbands out there, these  exclusive items are the perfect birthdays, Christmas or anniversary presents to buy for the wife or girlfriend just to show her how much you love her and how much you want to share her with a big black cock or two. 

I’m sure this will make her very happy. And horny! 

So what are you waiting for? 

I have more items lined up in the pipeline, so do keep popping by and follow all of my social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and now on Tiktok.

I know here in the UK we’ve been in the midst of a random heatwave of up to 30 degrees, but I’m now planning ahead and thinking of the snowy, white blanket lined bustling holiday season called Christmas.   

So don’t forget to order now  before the Christmas rush begins as you don’t want to loose out on all that potential fun, now do you? 

Catch you all soon.

Take care my lovelies.



Thursday 21st August 2023

Hello my lovelies. 

It seems that my house is feeling rather horny right now as it looks like it’s been secretly fornicating behind my back and has given birth to a mass of cardboard boxes. Especially Peroni boxes. Hmm. The drunken hussy! I may have to have a quiet word about the birds and the bees. Or the birds and the beers! 

If this carries on much longer, I will be forced to undergo an intervention about drinking and not using proper protection. Everywhere I walk, another box mysteriously appears. And now they’re popping up all over the place, gathered in groups, wrapped in clear bin bags which are tied neatly at the top. I’ve even found the odd prosecco or Lanson champagne boxes sneaked in with them. Oh the shame!

Seriously, with what I’m going through at the moment, I’m glad that my work colleagues are saving the boxes for me as it’s such a help with my decluttering.

Though at the moment there are boxes and stuff everywhere, so even having the notion of asking someone over for ‘entertainment’ is out of the question. Damn. I’ll just have to lock it up and keep it in my frilly knickers for a bit longer, won’t I? 

I’ve been up in the loft and removed old electrical items that can be taken to the skip, plus some of my old games and toys. Someone from a local charity shop came by and collected my donations on Sunday morning and they practically filled up his van. Normally I enjoy the luxury of having a lay in on Sundays as I start work a half an hour later and that makes so much of a difference. Though this isn’t going to happen for the next two weeks as there’s lots going on. Never mind. All in a good cause.

Anyway, there’s still more stuff to sort out and bring down, so I’ll be busy up there for the next few days, covered in dust. 

Dust. Anyone? Dust?

Liz was down at the weekend to help remove my carpets, even though she is suffering with cracked ribs and a ruptured liver. Well I was doing the work as she was the one gently cracking the whip before the real taskmaster arrives.

And yes she did literally crack the whip on me as she randomly went out whilst i was at work and bought a very soft cat o nine tails whip from a sex shop to use on her harem of hungry young men. Oh the lucky lads and  naughty cougar. 

On this visit, we were naughty. We’ve labelled ourselves as content makers, which is funny as I helped to set up Liz’s Tiktok account as Mistress Morwenna (she is on Twitter and Instagram under the same name) and we had to take some cheeky pictures of her. They were mainly of her feet, in her new high heels and sporting my cum slut jewellery in order to help sell them for me (well she is classed as one now with all those virile younger guys she meets on Tinder and Bumble!)

We also made time to have a sneaky Toby Carvery and our Tesco breakfast, which we couldn’t do last time as I was under strict control and wasn’t allowed to divert my intentions away from my duties. Shhh. Don’t tell Louise. 

Yes, Louise can be tough and bossy when needed as she has to be like that with her own business, but she has a heart of gold, will help out anyone in need and does mean well under all that cajoling as we ultimately achieve the results.

Though this often happens amidst the roars of tears and laughter as Louise and I tend to become the naughty kids at the back of the classroom and constantly inserts innuendos in our conversations, to the amusement of Liz, though not to Louise’s husband Mark. He just rolls his eyes and let us get on with things.

Hufflepuff, here we come.

Regarding my home decor, it will be odd having a wooden floor in the lounge and hall instead of the brown and gold pattern carpet which has been down there since the late eighties, I guess. I’ve seen the oak wooden flooring that I like in B&Q the other week and it’s £48 a pack! Typical isn’t it, that the only thing which I like in the shop that happens to be the most expensive. Unfortunately, when we went back at the weekend, the flooring wasn’t there as it’s been discontinued, nor was the antique gold coloured paint that I liked. Oh well, it looks like my poor credit card got away with a severe bashing (unlike my bottom). I may have to go on  Amazon and see if I see if its available on there. Hopefully someone wants to be a nice person and treat me?

My Amazon Wish List

The faded wallpaper in the lounge (that’s going to be stripped off the walls by Louise and Mark whilst I’m at work, oh dear help) was put up by my dad the night before my mum’s friend got married from our house. To replace it, I’ve bought some red and gold damask Moulin Rouge nightclub style wallpaper which cost £26 per roll. Yikes! But it does look lovely. Well I think so. When my place is finished, I will post some pics on here.

So you can see that I haven’t done any proper decorating since then, except for my dodgy efforts in the playroom! I know it’s going to be tough over the next few weeks but it will be worth it. And that’s what I keep telling myself and I’m sticking to it.

Now that Liz has left, I’ll have until Friday to try and clear my back bedroom. That won’t take long as a lot of the stuff that’s in there (which is already packed in plastic boxes) will be going back in at a later date as they are full of my craft stuff as that’s what the room is going to be used for. Last week I’ve bought two sets of three boxes (six in total) in B&M Bargains for £24. Will need to pop by there at the weekend and purchase some more.

As I don’t drive, it was a struggle to carry the boxes home as it normally takes me fifteen minutes to walk it. By biceps must be huge and bulging now from carrying those boxes. That must be in a parallel universe as I can’t see any difference. Oh well, looks like it’s off to the gym. Yeah right. I’m too scared to even pass these torture palaces, let alone gladly self inflict pain on myself on their many manipulating buff-enducing contraptions.

I think next time, I’ll have to see who’s kind enough to give me a lift and back to the shops. Obviously payment in kindness with a hand held guided tour of my darkroom is guaranteed.

Nudge nudge, wink wink! 

Have a lovely week and I’ll let you know how I’m getting on (that is if the men in white coats haven’t taken me away by then).

Take care.



Thursday 3rd August 2023

Hello my lovelies.

Long time no hear! Apologies for my absence. No excuses, so you can spank my botty for being insubordinate.

I’ve just been working lots and tiredness has kicked in. I guess it must have been the hibernation season zapping my energy. But now I’m back with a vengeance!

By the way, this blog has taken me two months to write this (off an on) so please bear with!

Liz and I finally managed to go to Edinburgh last Christmas after weeks from having her gastric band operation. She took me around her old haunts and all the main sights. We had a great time as all the Christmas lights and decorations were on display and they looked amazing. Funnily enough, even though it was mid winter, the weather felt a lot milder up there, even at the peak of Arthur’s Seat.

Whilst there, I went in search for a pair of Royal Stewart trousers, as I thought it would be easy to get them up there. No such luck. We went into every clothes shop and even the tat shops on The Royal Mile, but nothing. So instead I came home with a cheap kilt that’s hanging and still unworn in my wardrobe. I’m saving it for a special occasion. Whatever that may be!

Poor Liz. She’s been in the wars for the first half of the year. About two months ago she had another operation to have her gallbladder removed as we believe that this was causing her to be sick after eating and also causing her heartburn. Although she does eat lying down like a Roman, so I guess that doesn’t help. And yes, she’s been told off about that from me.  During her recovery time back home, her bastard family never asked if she needed any help or treated her to any shopping. She had to do it all herself. Shame on you all.

And now, a month ago, whilst driving carefully down a winding country road, a car came speeding around the corner and crashed head on into her. Liz and her friend are OK (Liz as 5 broken ribs, obviously shaken up and still can’t get over what has happened) but her car is a right off, which means she was unable to visit me for a while and can’t do any shopping as the nearest town is a half an hours walk away, nor do any Amazon deliveries. I guess that the crash is a sign for her to get some deep rest. She needs it after all that and what she has gone through. 

Saying that, we did snatch a few days away to the coast to celebrate Liz’s birthday before the crash. We had a great time even if Liz did faint on stage whilst doing a backstage tour. Bless her. The heat and the four hour car journey must have took its toll. She did say that she wanted us to integrate with the entertainment team and holiday makers this time. Well she got her wish, didn’t she? Remember, be careful what you wish for!

On a brighter note, Liz has lost so much weight over the past six months with the help of her gastric band that she can now fit back into her jeans she previously wore. People have noticed the difference in her, especially me when we were on holiday for my birthday in March. I was shocked when I told her to walk on, then as I turned around, she was already halfway up the road waiting for me and not still waddling along as she would have done back in the old days. 

A month before her gallbladder was removed and before she was diagnosed correctly by the hospital, Liz went through a (let’s be polite and call it her funny stage). We believe that the toxins from her rotting gallbladder (which she could have had for years as she was always complaining of being ill) gave her strange few weeks.

Let me explain more.

By loosing all that weight and feeling a lot better, three months later on, her confidence came back tenfold. So much so, in a moment of madness, she joined Tinder. There’s another story in that. Oh well. You’ve twisted my arm. I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you this, but her adventures could turn out to be a possible business venture for both of us.

So, as she was innocently swiping away, she accidentally swiped on the profile of a much younger guy. Liz is 56 next week and the guy is about 28. Anyway, one thing led to another and they started chatting. After a few drinks (which she can’t have anymore) a meeting was arranged where it led to them having sex. In the middle of their liaison, he started calling her mummy, which she thought odd but it didn’t stop the shenanigans. 

The next day I got a message saying what had occurred and she needed help as she couldn’t find anything about this kind of roleplay. A few days later, another young guy messaged her on Tinder wanting to meet up. And they did. So that was two guys in a few days, where once her lady garden had been dryer than the Sahara desert for many years. Again, The mummy thing popped up.

Three more different guys later that week, poor Liz has now been fucked by five younger guys all wanting the mummy experience. So whilst on holiday, we were going to set her up an Only Fans page and see if we can make some money from it. (This didn’t happen as we were far too busy having fun, but when we do have time to sort this out, I will let you all know. And obviously will add a line to her page too). I told her that if they want to see her in some sexy lingerie then they’d have to pay for it.

More of that to come I’m sure! 

As previously mentioned, Liz and I went to Suffolk in June to celebrate her birthday at an adults only break (no not that kind of break) to the seaside place where I used to go on holiday as a child. Not being morbid, I took my mum’s ashes and scattered them there as my dad was scattered in that area too. She would be happy with that.

I naively believed that once that was done, I would finally have the closure that is  needed and get cracking on detoxing my house and making it mine. (I still don’t have that feeling of freedom yet, but I’m sure I will do one day).

I’ve already started repainting my front door. Don’t judge me, but it’s now red and covered in red glitter. It looks ok, but I had to spend more money to buy different sizes of glitter to add to it as my door shimmers but doesn’t sparkle. Yes, that’s how tacky I am. It still looks cack and needs to re-done. Argh!

I’ve also created a dark room / play room / guest room where I have painted the walls and ceiling black. I finally have space where my friends can stay over and have bought most of the white accessories needed to brighten up the room. Just need some white curtains and a lampshade. But when I do entertain later on and dress the room to make it darker (don’t know why, but with the curtains closed and the lights are off it’s already very dark in there at night as I’ve bumped into the walls on many occasions) I will need to buy:

A set of black crushed velvet curtains.

A pvc mattress protector in case of any spillages.

A black, old fashioned, Victorian looking lampshade.

A free-standing full length mirror.

A black duvet set.Lament flooring for easy clean up.

Please feel free to treat me to what I want on the link below. Thank you.

Regarding my house, Louise and Liz have just spent a few days with me to help clear the clutter. Blimey. I’m totally exhausted after they left, but utterly grateful for what they had done. Unfortunately Liz couldn’t do much as she’s still recovering from her car crash and needs time to recuperate. But she still helped out and finished off my forms for my deeds. Yes they came back again, needing more information. This time we (I mean Liz) called the land registry department to see what we needed to do. Fingers crossed!

Louise, on the other hand, was chief butt kicker, motivator and head chef. She managed to help me clear out some large furniture pieces from my lounge which I didn’t need as they weren’t my taste and we took a lot of boxes to the charity shop. Louise and her husband Mark are coming back at the end of August before the  ULEZ kicks in, in my area. So I’m now under scrutiny to fill up as many boxes for charity and send them daily pics.

I can see Liz laughing at this.

After a dry period and a lack of sales, I’m now starting to invest in some new stock as I now need to make this my full time business where I can earn plenty of money to do what I want without having to ask anyone for holidays and time off and be a leader within the industry. If you have any ideas on what items you’d like to see on here, please let me know. I’m going to buy a small selection of items each time to build up my inventory and see where that takes me. 

My friend is in the middle of creating a Queen Of Spades image which I can use on t-shirts and other merchandise. We’re still struggling on one section as it doesn’t look right. At one time, the bit we were working on looked like Daffy Duck’s beak. We did laugh. My work colleagues looked on  bemused as my friend and I were tucked away in a corner being creative during our break. 

And then I need to look out for a logo for my business. I’m thinking of a pink butterfly. What do you think?

Anyway. That’s enough info for now. I’ll see you all soon.

Stay well my lovelies.



Friday 11th November 2022

Hello my luvlies.

I hope you’re all keeping well.

I’m just recovering from Covid 19, again! I don’t know how I caught it as I’m one of the only people who always wear my mask and wash my hands at work. But hey, never mind. It gave me chance to do some diy this week by stripping off some wallpaper. Now I’m going to decorate the wall in red crushed velvet, very Moulin Rouge. It’s a shame that I don’t know any local decorators who could help. It would be fun to see a strapping lad up a ladder displaying his hefty tool belt for me.

My friend Liz, yes you know the one, has just undergone a gastric band operation today and is in recovery. She should be home soon, so please can you send her lots of healing thoughts as we are supposed to be going to Edinburgh in a few weeks time. Whilst there, I shall be on the lookout for a Royal Stewart tartan suit, ready for the Christmas party season.

Talking of Liz, I popped down to Surrey for Halloween to visit Liz before her op, and she did my usual tarot cards. I had a mini telling off, saying that I need to get off my bum and start to redecorate and love my home as it’s full of my mum and dad’s energy and all the good stuff that’s on its way, can’t come in as it’s being blocked. So that’s why I tried to decorate one wall. I could have painted over the wallpaper as my mum and dad put that up back in the 1990’s when my mum’s friend got married from our house. So painting over the paper seemed that I was just covering up and supressing my parent’s energy instead of ripping off the happy past and embracing the future. It was an odd feeling when I scrapped off the first piece of wallpaper. I thought I was going to be told off, though after a while I couldn’t wait to clear the whole wall. It’s now clear and has a white-wash over it, ready to hang the crushed velvet. Now that’s going to be a challenge!

This month I have invested in some new stock and lingerie to sell on here and there’s more to come. If yo u have any ideas of what you would like to see or buy on here, please let me know. I have also designed a Jack Of Spades range of clothing and merchandise. Honestly, it’s been slow to take off, but sales have finally picked up and have started sending it mostly to my sexy American customers. Now looking forward to seeing it on my UK friends with the aim of finding naughty playmates.

Thank you to all my followers on Instagram. We have now reach 4,000 followers. That’s very exciting. So thank you again.

Sissy Site (@sissysite) • Instagram photos and videos

Right. I’m signing off now as I need to have a cup of tea and biscuits. I would like something hotter, but that means I’ll have to scroll through those infamous apps.

Take care my luvlies and see you all soon.



Are You Ready For Locktober?

Are you ready for Locktober?

What is Locktober? #locktober

Locktober is a yearly event that’s held throughout the month of October to promote and celebrate the usage of men wearing male chastity devises.

What is a male chastity device? A male chastity device, or commonly known as a cock cage, is a piece of apparatus that encases and locks the penis so that the man cannot have any kind of penetrative sex or maintain any erectile functions.  

The first one is to reduce the size of the penis, squishing it down to a non-existent part of the male form, so that the male can feel less masculine, more feminine or more subservient.

A sissy, a man forced in to sissifaction, or a man who wants to be subservient tends to wear this kind of contraption to restrict their masculine form and embrace their feminine side. In some cases, they simply like to be humiliated by other men who are blessed with bigger male parts.

The second type is someone who is willing on his own terms as a single man or is forced into wearing a cage by his wife, partner, mistress or master, as again, in a subservient role.

In an open relationship, the wife may want her husband to wear a cage, so that he’s not allowed to play around without the wife’s permission. By doing so, the husband is now trapped and is refused any penetrative sexual pleasures whilst the wife can now freely have sex with other people whoever she wants to.

Do You Want To Be A Cuckold? – Kinky Klobber and Are you man enough to have a Hot Wife? – Kinky Klobber

The wife may allow her husband to watch her enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with other people or may be allowed to join in, only with oral duties or to be penetrated himself.

As the male appenditure cannot become erect, the pressure and intensity can become somehow pleasurable, almost euphoric in a restrictive kind of way.  

When it comes to the BDSM or the worshipping scene, the mistress or master become key holders and only allow their Subs or servants to remove their cages at their will and convenience. The Subs may be asked to remove their cage in their presence, wash and clean it and then replace it. Wearing a cage for your mistress or master is a sign that you are now owned by them and within consensual limits, will do their bidding.

Wearing a cage for other’s pleasure can be a humiliating experience and most Subs tends to enjoy the degradation, so much so that they are even willing to pay for the service. 

Before purchasing your cage, do some research as this item will be part of you for a considerable length of time and you will need to be happy with your new best friend.

Chasity cages come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and in various designs and materials. Prices ranges from the cheap and cheerful plastic versions to metal monstrosities which can cost a small fortune and can look like a piece of modern art dangling from your meat and two veg.

When you first buy your cage, read the instructions carefully and learn how to set up the cage before wearing it. Similar to that infamous piece of Swedish flat pack furniture manual, certain cages may look difficult to master and you may need to have a degree in mechanical engineering just to assemble the thing. 

With most cages you will find certain basic components, such as the encasing sheaf or tube, a cock ring, lock and keys and other attachments. You may not have worn a cock ring before (this is part that helps locks the tube and stops it falling off your cock) so again, take your time as this may feel strange and challenging when inserting and pulling through your bits and pieces.

Ring Size

Before you purchase your cage, check out the size of the cock ring, as this is an important measurement which you do not want to get it wrong. This vital device is what keeps the cage on, so you will need to know your measurements correctly. If a ring is too large, your cage will eventually slip off. On the flip side, if the ring is too small, it can restrict the blood flow and can be hazardous to your health.

Most cages will have adjustable cock rings or a selection for interchangeable rings. Some cages have a U shape ring in various sizes. These type of rings can be easy to apply, as you just slip them under your scrotum, but watch out for catching your skin when fixing it to your cage.

Also, make sure that your cage has either of these functions as it may be difficult to get a refund on such an intimate piece of equipment.   

How To Measure For A Cock Ring

Cock rings are normally sized by their internal diameter, so to measure for a cock ring is very easy.

First you will need to measure the circumference around your cock from behind your balls. If you don’t have a fabric measuring tape to do this, then a piece of string and a ruler will be fine.

Make sure that the tape is snug but not too tight as you don’t want to suffer from any circulation problems. Ideally, take your measurements after a bath or shower as your body will be at its warmest. And measure yourself a few times to achieve the most accurate reading.  

Here comes the maths bit. With your size measured correctly, divide it by 3.14 and this will provide you with the required diameter.

Here are some simple examples.


12.5 cm ÷ 3.14 = 40mm diameter

14 cm    ÷ 3.14 = 45mm diameter

15.7 cm ÷ 3.14 = 50mm diameter

17.3 cm ÷ 3.14 = 55mm diameter


4.7 inches   ÷ 3.14 = 1.5 inches diameter

5.5 inches   ÷ 3.14 = 1.75 inches diameter

6.25 inches ÷ 3.14 = 2 inches diameter

7 inches      ÷ 3.14 = 2.25 inches diameter

When attaching the cage, especially the cock ring, do be careful and take your time. Fiddling about with your nether regions and trying to attach a somewhat heavy contraption may initially cause discomfort. If you’re struggling and finding it difficult, then stop what you’re doing and come back to it when you are feeling more relaxed.

Also do be careful and avoid pinching or nicking your delicate skin. The cage should not be painful when it’s attached to you, only restrictive. If you do see any signs of bleeding or bruising, immediately stop wearing the cage and seek medical help.

How To Put On Your Cock Ring

Cock rings can be difficult to put on at first. As they say, practise makes perfect so please take your time. Always put your cock ring on when you are soft and flaccid, otherwise you’ll end up in all sorts of trouble.  

This three step method below is commonly used for most of the basic cock rings, regardless if they are metal or rubber. Again, if you start to feel any pain, stop immediately.

  1. Carefully hold your scrotum skin through the ring and gently ease one testicle through.
  • Then do the same with the other testicle.
  • When you have safely done this, bend your penis downwards and pull it through the ring. If you’re wearing a rubber ring, you may be able to stretch it slightly to give you some adjustment space.  

See the diagram below.

It may take you some attempts to fully wear your ring, so do be patient. Don’t hurt yourself just for the sake of being naughty. Though when you do achieve your goal, it is advisable to wear the ring for just for a short while, just so that your body can become accustomed to the new feeling. 

When you have finally mastered applying your ring, you can now attach your cage. Follow the instructions and be careful when you fix all of the components together.

At first, wear your cage for short periods of time, just to get the feel of it and how to apply it. Some cages can be complicated as if you’re constructing a monkey puzzle, plus you may have poor visibility as you’re looking at the cage form a different perspective from above.

Cleaning Your Chastity Device

Just like any other adult toy, keeping your cage clean is a must for health reasons and to keep your cage in good condition, especially if you want to keep your key holder happy.

If you have a stainless steel cage, this can be boiled to remove any bacteria. Or on a general note, a good wash with any anti bacteria soap will suffice for most cages too.

Personal Hygiene

If you’ve been wearing your cage for a while and it starts to smell, do the decent thing and have a soapy wash down there. It’s just common sense and basic hygiene.

An open ended tube with a slit at the end for your urine to escape is preferable, as this will keep the much needed air flow to your penis and create easy exit facilities for your waters. Though do remember, that droplets of juices may remain in the cage, which may cause a build-up of bacteria, so again, have a wash or shower down there.

Storing Your Cage

When storing and looking after your cage, make sure it’s clean and dry. Wrap it up in a piece of soft cloth for protection and place it in a bag or possibly a locked box or drawer for safely. You don’t want any prying eyes to come across it whilst you’re at work, do you?

Also, remember that you may jingle as you walk about as the metal lock will clatter against the plastic or metal cage. If you’re wearing tight fitting trousers, jeans or shorts, do keep in mind that the shape of the cage may protrude and may be seen underneath the material, so be warned for any inquisitive eyes or knowing glances.

Above everything else, do not be pressurised by anyone into anything that may cause you bodily harm. You are in charge of your own health and safety.

No means no.

I wish you all the best with your new friend and hope you have many happy times together.

Do play safe and have fun exploring your new horizons.

Sunday 4th September 2022

Mission Control is back in swing. Yes Liz is back up here in Old London Town for a few days and we’re sitting at my kitchen table upgrading Sissy Site to become a business site. So from now on, I can do so much on there, like taking PayPal payments, donations and more space for articles and news etc. How exciting?

With hours of frustration under Liz’s black leather studded belt, we have both created an online shop for Sissy Site. It took her a while to get her clever head around the system, but now I have a shop to sell my sissy products through.

Liz also created new pages, links and other ‘back end’ bits and bobs which was way over my head. I am so lucky to have a friend like her. Thank you Liz.

Talking about shopping, watch out for a new T Shirt clothing range and sissy merchandise coming soon. I have a fab design, I just need to source the T Shirts. Liz and I are going to do some research regarding that after we’ve stuffed ourselves with a roast that I’m cooking this evening. As soon as the items start to arrive, I will post them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or I could wait until the whole range is in stock and create a big launch. What do you think?

After having more glasses of wine than me (well I did give her a bigger glass, by accident of course) Liz did my tarot cards again and I was told that I have to be serious about my Sissy Site and turn it into a business as this is where I am going to make my money.

She also told me some other private stuff about me, which I can’t disclose as I have friend’s and work colleagues reading this and I don’t want them to know what I’ve been up to. How mysterious. It’s a good job that Liz forgets things like that when she’s drunk. Although I do have a video clip of her sitting on my lounge floor singing her heart out to the song ‘Nothing’ from A Chorus Line. I have no idea where she got that song from as I’m the musical theatre geek.

Anyway, I have given her a talking to about her lifestyle choices and other things, as that what a friend does. Equally she has kicked me up the bum about my business matters, so we both happily sorted each other out.  

Last week I went to visit my friends down in Poole, Dorset. As usual, we had such a laugh, especially as we binged watched the BBC’s comedy series Ghosts as well as their outtakes. Our mottos for the week were Mary’s ‘Get out, get out, get out’ and Thomas’s ‘Damn your eyes sir. Damn your head, shoulders, knees and toes sir’.

Mark (bless him) helped me with regards upgrading my mobile phone, so now I can do more things on it compared to my older phone. Also, I invested in a small laptop, note pad thing for my writing. At last I can look professional and jot down my blogs whilst at work, as well as doing online stuff.

One day last week, Louise booked a bottomless brunch at a restaurant called Turtle Bay. We were greeted with a rum drink, which I had both of them as there was something in the drink which affected Louise’s tongue. We then went on to a strawberry daiquiri each, which again, I drank both of them as Louise didn’t like it. The prosecco came and went, followed by, I think four more strawberry daiquiris. Sorry but I lost count after the first one. And yes, there are picture of this debauchery online somewhere on Facebook. The food was delicious and not too spicy (which I thought it would be) and the service was really great and relaxed.

We then strolled, or I should say, I zig zagged down Bournemouth high street until we reached the beautiful sandy beach. After going on the Red Arrow’s (stimulator) simulator ride, Mark came and picked us up. I struggled to keep awake in the back of the car and when we got back to their home, I went straight to bed and passed out for three hours!

As Louise went to bed early every night, Mark and I watched a series of films as he kindly let me have a Sandra Bullock film fest, where I caught up with most of her films, as well some NCIS episodes. Poor Mark, I kept on asking him at the end of each episode, who did the murders. He just peered over his glasses and told me. Again, poor Mark.

Also, it was a good job that I took my jogging gear with me, as one night whilst out jogging late at night, a message popped up on my new phone from one of those dating apps saying would I like to ‘meet for some fun’ as I was near to him.

Why not? I thought. I replied back that I didn’t bring anything to dress in as I was on holiday and he said not to worry as he had plenty of sexy lingerie that I could choose from.

About fifteen minutes later of excited jogging, I was in his house, fully aroused and was trying on some black laced sexy outfits, which led to some very heated bedroom shenanigans. It’s a shame that we didn’t take any pictures as that would have been a great reminder. But let’s just say, we had lots of naughty fun and I shall leave it at that!

As you can see, I had a fab time down there and as before, travelled in style by first class on the train. I thought I’d treat myself as travelling first class gives me loads of leg room, an empty seat beside me for my hefty suitcase and a quiet carriage to relax in and watch the world go by. Shame that we didn’t have a buffet, trolley service on there as I was gasping for a cup of tea. Oh well, at least I had my Tesco meal deal to munch on.

And now I’m back home and it is back to business. I can’t believe how fast my holiday went. Well at least my work’s uniform’s all washed, though it just needs ironing. Any offers? Plus there’s been some gossip happening at work since I’ve been away, so I will need to be filled in on that, just in case I put my feet in it, as I can tend to!

That’s all for now.

I’m trying to concentrate on finishing up this blog but my phone keeps bleeping from a local fit guy who keeps messaging me and wants to meet up with me this week. How many times do I have to say that I work late at night and can’t play, even though I’m so tempted as he’s a young, sexy beast? Oh the pressure of being popular. I’ll let you know if or when it happens.

Have a great week.

Stay special. Don’t go changing.



Wednesday 24th August 2022

I can’t believe how quick these weeks are flying by. If I’m not careful I may blink and it’s Christmas.

Plus it seems only few days ago that I visited my friend Liz in Surrey. It must be my age!

Anyway, I’m off to visit my friends down in Poole soon. I’m looking forward to that. A fun break by the sea always invigorates me, inspires me and recharges my batteries. Whilst there, I’m going to investigate in a Chrome Book thingamajig as I need something like that to do my writing on whilst on my break at work. (Shameless plug for my romantic novel that I’m writing. Well, just started.)

I’ve just finished reading a book called From Pitch To Publication. It was very interesting and mind blowing about how agents and publishing contracts work, what happens with oversees and film rights and how the industry works. For a fluffy head person like me (and yes I can put on my bitch head and business head when needed) it gave me a lot to think about.

Yes I’ve come back to my writing after a break. A long break I should say. I have penned a novel many years ago, but that needs to be mega-ly revamped and updated.

Currently, I’m working on a new piece for Mills And Boon. It’s taking me ages as I’m having to write with a different head on, follow certain guidelines and have to calm down the naughty bits. For Mills And Boon, this kind of behaviour has to be left at the bedroom door, whilst normally I tend to write plenty of purple prose about people doing ‘stuff’ on the stairs on the way to the bedroom, in the bedroom and possibly on the wardrobe with a swing chair on a pulley whilst being filmed for the partner to watch at a later date!

My normal style of writing is generally called ‘Sex and Shopping’. I love reading stuff like that, very 1980’s of what the rich and famous get up to behind their golden gated enclosures, the million pound deals that take place within the oak panel lined boardrooms and the sexy shenanigans that goes on amongst the padded booths in notorious exclusive night clubs. 

To see what I’m talking about pop over to and check out my style of writing . Being cheeky, if a literary agent is reading this, you know where to find me.

So you can see my dilemma.

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before that my friend at work has bought me a book called ‘The Artist’s Way’ to help inspire me with my writing. It says that you need to do journaling and take yourself out for play dates.

Well, I started the journaling malarkey and got bored with that after a few days. Although I’m trying to do the play dates thing, but work keeps getting in the way. I mustn’t make excuses so need to get out of that mind frame and get a life. Who want’s to join in?

Talking about shamelessly plugging stuff, (did I mention that I’m writing a novel?) I was having a chat with a colleague at work the other night about them having Spotlight (this is a web page for actors to advertise their abilities and upload showreels for agents, casting directors etc to view and get them in for auditions) and I asked how he advertises it. He said that he didn’t do that is he didn’t know how to.

I said, ‘Do you post your link on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook?’

He replied, ‘No. I just have my link on my Instagram page.’

‘So how do you advertise your acting work?’

‘I don’t really.’

‘And on your Spotlight page, do you have videos of you with various singing and acting styles, ie Shakespeare, modern plays, monologues, musicals and rock and pop songs?’

‘No,’ he replied. No wonder he’s complaining about not getting any auditions.

I then suggested that he should plug his page regularly on social media to let everyone know so he could get an acting job. I asked around at work with some of my other colleagues about how they advertise their online profiles and they all said the same thing. They don’t. They’re just sit around waiting for their agents to find them work.

Oh the younger generation! To have a theatrical agent is a blessing in that industry.

It does annoy me that they all tend to sit about and whine about not getting auditions and not do anything about it. I was lucky back in my time that I sung and danced around the Mediterranean on a cruise ship and was a holiday host for a famous UK holiday centre without having an agent. I have offered them some advice but they seem to know better than me and not take it. Oh well, it they don’t want any advice from someone who has been in their situation before, then I’m not going to bother anymore and concentrate on my efforts.

With that in mind, writing this blog, isn’t straight forward either.

First I have to write the blog (this one has taken two days to write, some bits were illegibly scribbled down whilst on the tube using my doctor’s handwriting so no one could read over my shoulder and have a quick thrill). Then when finished, it has to be uploaded on to this site and then adapted so that it looks interesting and appealing to the eye.

I then have to create a picture to use for advertising. And finally, post the link for the blog on my social media pages.

And then it starts again.

Companies who are savvy with this technology employ a team of experts who constantly release articles, news and titbits about their products and services. Take a look at a well-known brand or business that you follow on social media and see how many post they produce a day. It’s surprising how it all adds up.

I know that I need to add more content on here, so I’m going to have to invest in a new phone so that I can take some pictures as my current phone, Galaxy S5, yes I am old school, is running out of memory. Saying that, I’ll have to redecorate the spare bedroom for photo shoots so that the pictures will look pretty.

Being cheeky, any local sissies in the East London / Essex area fancy popping over to do some free decorating whilst dressed?

Talking of having fun, play time has been really quiet, almost non-existent. Because of the heat, the weather has knocked me for six. And as it’s been hot at night, I’ve been finding it hard to sleep. As I’m sure most of you have too. I guess some people like this hot weather as it tends to make them horny. I couldn’t think of anything worse with all that sweat dripping everywhere and messing up my bedding.

On with some brilliant news, my graphic designer friend at work has created a new fabulous Jack Of Spades design which I can use to make some T Shirts and other merchandise. So do keep popping by my Twitter, ebay store and for updates.

As you know, I’ve had some kinky badges made recently, which are selling really well, and will start to reinvest into new lingerie ranges. Although, I wish I could design my own line of lingerie, but haven’t got the knowledge, contacts or the cash for that. Yet!!! Any offers?

I’m also looking into upgrading Sissy Site soon, but need to wait until I come back from my trip away to see what’s left in my silk lined wallet. That is, if a kind person out there would like to spoil me and donate £200! Ha ha.

Well that’s all for now.

I’m off to have a cup of tea and give my friend Liz a call to see what she’s been up to today.

Take care my lovelies.