Wednesday 14th July 2021

Don’t judge me!

I did the floor dance last night.

The floor dance, I hear you ask?

Yes. I’m sure most of you have done this at some point when you’ve had too much to drink and you crave the comfort of a hard, cold, possibly dirty floor to rest your heavy head for a minute or two from the gyrations of a spinning room.

Well, going back in time (cue the going back in time harp music) I popped into my garage yesterday afternoon where I saw the door of my wine cellar (an old wooden cupboard full of vintage and I guess, now off drinks) was open.

So naturally being curious, I went to close it and was accosted by a bright, shiny milky white bottle of Malibu trying to catch my attention by saying, ‘Drink me, drink me’.

Not wanting to disappoint an old favourite of mine who has been waiting patiently in the dark for many years to be picked up, I brought it back into my house, carefully wiped off the dust from the bottle and gently filled a shot glass of the clear liquid.

It looked the same as I remembered it from the 80’s. It smelt the same as I remembered it from the 80’s. And it tasted the same as I remembered it from the 80’s.

The taste of it brought back many happy memories when I was a young teenager where my childhood friend Lisa and I would take our dogs for a walk on a Sunday afternoon, climb over the local school fence and sit on some old rotting tree logs in the playground with our mini bottles of Malibu and lemonade.

I thought to myself that one shot glass would be ok? I mean it would have been deemed rude not to? Surely that wasn’t going to hurt, was it? Silly question. Enjoying the hot, exotic taste calypsoing over my tongue and down my throat, I then poured out another glass, and then another and then another.

Not feeling any different, I got dressed and went out for my two hour ‘jog’ around my local nature reserve, where I explored the cut grass pathways that feed their way through the old overgrown golf course and came home covered in bites as big as golf balls as I had forgotten to splash myself all over with mozzie cream. Poxy flying mini, blood sucking vampires.

I then settled down for the evening in front of the telly with a packet of crisps and another shot glass full of Malibu. Oh how the other half live. By the end of the night, the shot glass had magically turned into a tumbler and the coconut and rum infused liquor apparently had to full half of the tumbler or otherwise the tumbler wouldn’t be doing its job properly, would it?

About 1am I managed to climb the stairs, got undressed and even though I was drunk, I took my contact lenses out over my bed in case one of them would pop out and I would have to find it. And guess what happened? My good eye contact lens pinged and vanished in my room. I took the other lens out, put my glasses on and with torch in hand and my bits flapping all over the place, I crawled across the shag pile (yes I do that that on my floor) in search of the tiny clear disc.

By now the room had started to spin so I laid on the red fluffy carpet to see if that would stop it. An hour later, the room had calmed down. Just. Having managed to haul myself back on to my knees, and with another search under my dad bod belt, I finally found my contact lens though not where I thought it was but on the other side of the room near my desk.

Happy that the pair were reunited and both were safely put back into their overnight case to soak, I finally crawled into my bed and went to sleep.

The moral of this story, don’t be tempted by an old friend disguised as a shiny bottle of drinkiepoos as this could lead you down a boozy path of disaster!!! And if you do intend to have a nightcap or three, take your contact lenses out first.




22nd June 2021

Did I get the biggest bitch slap this weekend or what?

And it wasn’t just the normal, polite tap on the wrist and don’t do it again you naughty boy telling off. It was a full on, stop being a spoilt brat and grow up slap around the chops!

Yes my friend did make me cry this weekend with what she said over my tarot reading and I knew it made sense. The reading showed my recent heartbreak over losing my mum and cat, worrying over money issues, unable to sleep at night and unable to progress with my life and business.

I was told that I’m comfortable where I am at the moment and I’m acting like an old man in retirement by pottering around the house, doing a bit here and there and doing the same routine day in and day out.

But the cards said that I can change all of that and turn things around. All I had to do was get off my bony arse and start taking my business seriously, stop treating it as a hobby and do what I love doing by concentrating on writing and blogging.

Liz said that my passion for writing and communication will bring in more followers, which will lead to more customers and more sales. I told her that I’ve done a lot of work in the past. I make up lots of memes and post them online, I watch YouTube and Facebook business videos for inspiration, I do what they say and still don’t get the results that I desire. She said I should stop watching those videos, stop comparing myself on how people view success and stop watching too much daytime crap on TV. Oh the shame.  

On a positive note, Liz went on to say I have all the abilities to achieve the success that I want as The Magician card came up, indicating that I have the tools laid out in front of me, I can manifest what I want, but have to work for it.  

She hates having to spiritually kick me in the gonads to make a point, but sometimes the truth hurts. I’m so glad I’m not into that for real as I couldn’t cope with having my balls kicked to pieces with a patent pointed stiletto toe. Although I could easily whack someone around the arse with a horse whip. Hmmm, it that a new business idea?

It’s very difficult being an only child and having everything done for you. But now the time has come for me to take that leap of faith into the next stage of my life and face the reality of growing up and having to look after myself. One way or another.

If I don’t change my ways now, I never will.

So peeps. Stay tuned!

Coffee break over. Back to work.

As it was supposed to be Freedom Day yesterday here in the UK, I decided to start playing that game where to have to move the tiles around to create a picture. Like this game that I’m selling on ebay.


Shameless plug!

As soon as Liz left to go home, I cleaned up Mission Control and turned it back into a somewhat tidy kitchen. Well that didn’t last long as I decided as I was watching The Real Housewives of Cheshire (I know, don’t judge me) during the ad breaks I went upstairs and started to clear out my mum’s bedroom, bringing everything down into the kitchen so that I can sort out what I don’t want and do a death clean before my friends come down to stay in a fortnight’s time. 

I’m half way through that, so this evening I will finish off clearing out the room, then tomorrow I will strip off the bed (mmm, strip) and wash the bedding. Well that’s the plan!

My friends are advising me that I should turn my mum’s room into the guest/play room and have the small back bedroom as my office. But I am going to stick to my guns and have my mum’s room as my office as it’s a bigger room where I can keep my craft stuff in there and my online stock too. 

My mum’s double bed will then go into the small room and I can use that as a guest/play room. I’m not expecting people to stay over, except for Liz and anyway, she sleeps downstairs on the sofa whilst talking in her sleep. And what she comes out with are some real crackers! ‘Cock A Doodle Doo!’ I shall say no more.

If you wish to visit Liz’s new site, here is the link.

Another shameless plug.

As I said earlier, I’m aiming to do more online blogging and perhaps vlogging. I’m still uncomfortable about making videos of myself and putting myself out there, so we’ll see. If anyone has any tips about this kind of thing, please let me know.

Well that’s all now my lovelies.

I’m off to have some lunch. I wonder what delicacies lurk deep within my Narnia my cupboard today. Soup, beans on toast or jacket potatoes? Oh the à la carte cuisine. I bet you’re all jealous. Ha ha.

Have a great day.



Saturday 19th June 2021

The Liz is back. Yeah. The Liz is back, acid groove.

Yes, as the song and title says, The Liz is back here with me this weekend to celebrate her birthday. After her four and a half hours queue ride on the M25, we had a wee drinkie last night, well, a bottle of wine each and some nibbles. Unfortunately it wasn’t a candle light finger buffet as Hyacinth Bouquet (Bucket) would say, served on her Royal Doulton hand-painted periwinkle china, but dished out on my childhood vintage 1970’s side plates with a mustard glaze finish.

So today we are back in Mission Control, my kitchen, both perched over my imitation wooden Formica covered kitchen table. I’m doing my social media stuff and writing this blog and Liz is pulling out her half dyed hair in frustration whilst filling out a complicated 30 page childcare claims form.

Liz was impressed with all my ongoing house detoxing efforts and is pleased on how much I have cleared out since her last visit. At the moment I’m about 15% of the way through the cleansing process and concentrating on clearing out the cupboards and drawers. Any decent bits and bobs that I don’t want are being donated to the charity shops. But as I don’t drive and have a small, floral covered granny style shopping trolley, I can only fit so much in it.

In the meantime, I’ve been discovering old photos and documents that I’m going to frame and hang on my walls. I’ve already started by creating a wall of fame in my hallway, with black and white pictures of my mum and dad when they were teenagers, old school photos of myself and many holiday snaps. On my kitchen wall I have some old school pics of Liz’s children, so I am going to add more of her family on there at a later date. Don’t tell her but I’ve found some old embarrassing pics of her and some of me trying to look cool in my blue tinted shades when I had my Steps birthday party at her mum’s house about twenty years ago! That was a fun evening. It’s sad to think that I can still remember the ‘Tragedy’ dance moves after all these years.

Well, I did do the dance on my own a few years ago whilst enjoying a Warner’s Halloween holiday break with Liz. I have no shame, I’m sure you must know that by now. The DJ tried to clear the disco early that night and played the opening number to the 42nd Street musical. So to call their bluff, I went into a full on, jazz hands, cheesy showbiz tap routine which made Liz nearly wet herself with laughter. At the end I got an astounding applause from the cleaners, the bar staff, the DJ and the entertainments team who were still lurking about. I think I may have surprised them all as I don’t think they weren’t expecting to see someone of my age doing that on the dancefloor, especially when the old dears usually go to bed at 10.30pm and leave on a mass exodus when the cabaret finishes.

To be honest, I did do a two year musical theatre course, acquired my Equity card from singing and dancing on a cruise ship around the Mediterranean and entertained families in some top UK holiday centres back in my time!!!  

Now back to the present, sales have slumped again in the past few weeks, though I guess a lot of people are concentrating on the Euro 2020 football tournament and are spending their money on nonessential food and drink for the match time entertainment, rather than indulging in other online activities and credit card crunching.

So whilst times are quiet at the moment, I have been contemplating a new business project that I can do in conjunction with my websites Kinky Klobber and Sissy Site. Over the past week, I’ve been doing some research on the matter and it looks promising. I can’t see anyone else doing what I want to do, so is that a good thing or a bad thing? Is it a good thing as no one has thought of the idea yet and there’s money to be made from this concept or a bad thing as no one wants it and there’s no supply and demand? Well I’m going for the first choice as I like to be positive about things. I will let you know about any developments as the business progresses.

Be the first to find out by subscribing to this blog. And don’t forget to tell your friends too!

To help maintain the Sissy Site community and our online presence, please donate what you can on our main website Donations – Kinky Klobber

That’s all for today.

I’m sure something may happen over the weekend as it usually does when Liz is here. She’s going to do my tarot cards tonight, so let’s see what happens. Also my aunty is coming over tomorrow and is taking us both out to lunch at my local Toby Carvery so I may be getting an ear bashing from her about finding a job and finances etc.

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Here are the hastags to use.

@sitesissy (Twitter)





Have an amazing weekend.


Wednesday 16th June 2021


Find out what moves you to passion and do it.

Not because it will make you famous. Not because of the money but because you can’t not do it.

Just strive to be the best in what you do and the rest will follow.

Follow your bliss.

Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

Quote. J B Fletcher

Murder, She Wrote.

With a scrap of illegible handwriting stuck on my freshly organised notice board, I decided to type that quote out last night and pin it on to my dream board, so when I read it every day, it will remind me, inspire me and motivate me to find my bliss.

Other than the obvious, I love to write. Hands up I’m no Shakespeare and I don’t confess to be a literacy genius with impeccable prose and ability to construct the perfect sentence or even have the understanding of the correct way to write.

I just write what I love. And I love to write about the world of glamour, the rich and famous and the world of showbiz. I can’t help it. I’ve always been fascinated with those subjects and the high rollers who reside in the land of high gloss and glitter. I may not make any money from my writing (well not yet) but it has to come out of my system and on to paper. And if I can make people happy with what I do, then that’s a bonus.  

So what’s your bliss?

Regarding this type of website and business, do you love to dress up in public or in private? Do you dress and perform on cam or take pics and share online? Do you like to be told what to wear or tells others what to wear? Do you chat with other sissies and crossdressers and swap techniques, ideas and stories?

Do you love to wear lingerie under your work clothes and uniforms, hoping that your fellow work colleagues will discover your secret, or do you wear lingerie when you play or wear then on a daily basis instead of your normal, bog standard Y-fronts?

What about make up? Do you take pride in your make up collection, set it out nicely on your dressing table and take your time to apply your make up or do you just slap on a lick of lipstick to make you feel better?

Do toys and attachments come into your spectrum of bliss? Do you play with toys on your own, with your partner or with friends?

What about being cuckolded? Do you love to see your partner play with others in front of you or remotely over the phone or internet? Do you enjoy being caged up, bound, gagged and unable to play without permission or be forced to wear something outrageous, shameful and be humiliated?

Or are you simply an admirer who likes to watch others and be in their presence?

Finding your bliss is like stepping into a rainbow and washing yourself with its infinite passion and energy.

There is a rainbow of bliss out there for everyone and a colour for every individual. No colour is the same for each person. Each colour contains many shades, hues and intensities. Every colour has layers of sensation, emotion and satisfaction that can provide and fulfil your bliss. All you have to do is to step into your rainbow.   

There is no right or wrong in what makes you happy. As long as it’s legal, it doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s consensual!

You have the right to be happy. And what’s wrong with that?

Play is delayed to 19th July.

Due to the Delta variant spreading quickly in certain areas of the UK, play has been delayed until 19th July. Yes, this is understandable so that more people can be vaccinated. If this is the case, why doesn’t the government roll out a 24 hour service where younger people can turn up at a designated place, queue and get their jabs without having to book? Or am I being a simpleton about this?

Also, this is where I get controversial, we should have some kind of a vaccination passport, like a driving licence, so that we can be allowed into close contact events or be able to go abroad. When we have our second injection, we should have our photo taken, along with our details and the kind of vaccination used and then be presented with an ID card at the end of the session or sent to us. Just like a passport or driving licence, it will have a unique number on it, so that it can’t be forged or used by anyone else because of the photo ID it contains. And if businesses, clubs, bars, restaurants and shops insist that customers have to have both jabs to visit their premises (this is up to the owner’s rules and their rights to protect their staff and businesses) then these cards will come into play and more people will want to be vaccinated to eradicate this deadly disease.

On a lighter note, and just a forewarning you, my bestie Liz (whose birthday it is today) is coming to stay with me for the weekend to celebrate her birthday and to discuss a new business venture we may do together. So if I babble on about random stuff over the weekend, it will be due to me necking a few glasses (or bottles) of prosecco. You have been warned!

That’s all for me. I’m off to raid the cupboard for some lunch. There’s not much in there at the moment so I’m going to do some Infusion cooking. If anyone’s close to me in East London / Essex and is willing to provide me with some FREE cooked meals on wheels, I’d be grateful. Ha ha. It looks like it’s going to be tomato soup and toast again, me thinks. Oh the glamour.

Have a wonderful day.



Saturday 12th June 2021

Cue: Steptoe & Son theme tune.

Yes, that’s what my garden looks like at the moment, Steptoe & Son’s junk yard. That won’t last long as I have a man with a van coming over to collect the junk and then my garden can get back to normal.

My friend from Poole is coming to stay for a few days next month to help clear my garage and to fix things around my house. Well her husband is going to fix things and tile my porch, whilst Louise is going to help me take stuff to the charity shops.

Though trust me, thinking I’ve snagged a bargain a few months ago, I accidently bought a cheap box of plain white wall tiles instead of floor tiles. I was hoping to have white floor tiles with gold glitter grouting in the porch and in the downstairs cloakroom. Or even better, gold and white glitter mosaic tiles on the floor to match a gold front door that I’m going to paint.

To get an idea of what I’m looking for, check out my Amazon Wish List. IC)


You are more than welcome to help out and treat me to a pot of paint, floor tiles or some grouting on there. How glamourous is my life? Oh the joys of living in the fast lane! I bet you’re so jealous, aren’t you?

Whilst having a shower the other night, I’ve decided I don’t like the word declutter as it indicates that my house is full of crap and I’m classed as a hoarder (I am in a way but most of the stuff I’m clearing out is my mum’s) so I’m changing the terminology to the word detox, as my house is being cleansed from the inside.

It’s going to take a few months for my house to undergo a basic detox even before anyone can see the results as there’s so much unneeded and old bits and bobs hidden in drawers, cupboards and boxes.

My house has already had its first ‘suppository’ to de-clog the energy as I’ve thrown out lots of junk from my garage and have rearranged it so that I can move about in there instead of recreating the climb over Mount Everest every time I need to get to something.

Before its next de-clogging session in a few week’s time when Louise and Mark descend on me to whip my bottom in to shape, I’ve been clearing and organising the kitchen cupboards, donating bits to charity, recycling and throwing the rest away and I’ve have created a party cupboard where all my party ware is going to live.

Next week I’m going to clear out the rest of my mum’s room so that my friends will have somewhere to sleep when they visit. It won’t take me that long as I’ve done most of the work a few months ago. It was hard at times as emotions became overbearing at times. The tears didn’t and don’t last long, but they come on suddenly and expectantly over random memories.

Jobwise, I had my first interview in 10 years last week. It was for a local job within walking distance from my house, but it was for part time hours, late nights and on a minimum wage. I’m not looking for part time work and I need to earn a decent wage so that I can reinvest it back in to my business, pay my bills and have a life. Anyway, I didn’t get the job, which was a relief. From my point of view, the interviewer was polite but not engaging and just asked questions from their sheet.

I’ve applied to be a Theatrical Agent’s Assistant last week, but haven’t heard back from them. Shame as I love schmoozing and anything to do with the theatre world. Never mind, I’ll just have to work harder.

Anyway, I’ve been watching the repeats of Adults Only on TV about people camming and how much money they can earn from it. One woman said she could earn £500 just from one video. Yeah it’s ok if you’re young, fit and beautiful as you can easily make a living or a small fortune, but for someone like me, an average looking middle aged, dad body man is a completely different matter.

I’m sure there’s a niche market out there for people who want to see someone like me flashing my bits on cam but I doubt if I can make my millions from it, unless I specialise in certain topics or fetishes. Hmmm, that maybe something I’ll have to explore or even create unusual and specific videos to sell online. What do you think? Any ideas? Requests?

Socks And Cream Video 1 – Kinky Klobber

As you may have noticed on our social media (if not, then why not as you should be punished! Ooh that’s an idea. I could slap some bottoms and turn those cheeks rosy and glowing) the countdown clock to the end of lockdown has temporary vanished until we find out this Monday in England if the end of lockdown is still happening on the 21st June or if it’s being extended as cases of Covid has started to rapidly rise again due to the spread of the Delta strain. 

That’s all for now my lovelies.

Have a wonderful weekend.



26th May 2021

Blood, blood everywhere!

Well not exactly. The drama queen here is exaggerating. I’ve shredded my face this morning from shaving. When I say shredded, I mean two tiny nicks on my chin, but they stung like hell. Thanks to the go to tiny patches of toilet roll and a spray of aftershave, they have dried up.

Getting to the point. The reason why I cut myself this morning was because I wasn’t concentrating on what I was doing and was miles away thinking about how to take positive actions and build my business on a shoestring. Then the answer hit me in the face like the attack from my cheap razor.

Back about five years ago when I was part of a Multi Level Marketing company selling cosmetics door to door, yes you know the one, ‘Ding Dong Avon Calling!’ I had my own team of representatives. So, during that time I would try to motivate my team with incentives and competitions to build their own businesses so that they could find more customers, sell more products and recruit more representatives onto their own teams. 

By doing this, one, they would make more money and stay with the company much longer, and two, it would benefit me as I would earn a percentage on what they would sell. Ideally it would be having a wage increase every three weeks!

Unfortunately, all my time and efforts never really came in to fruition. The main reason is that I really didn’t enjoy what I was doing, plus I didn’t have any interest in the products, even though the idea of doing what I was doing sounded ideal at the time when i was unemployed for a year and couldn’t get any work. 

My passion wasn’t there, nor was the ambition to climb the ladder, even though the company threw lots of cash and incentives at us to grow our teams. During my time with Avon, I went into a joint venture with a friend and things turned sour where at the end I lost thousands of pounds! Yes you can make loads of money from working within this kind of business format as I know people who have earnt a million pounds from this, but it wasn’t for me.

Hence I left and started my own business under the name of Kinky Klobber and now have an additional branch called Sissy Site.

Getting back to the main story, having written yesterday’s blog, it got me thinking on as I said earlier, how to build my business on a shoestring.

So during my time with Avon, I had started to write a beginner’s guide book on how to build a business within the Multi Level Marketing industry, and thought I should dig it out and see what ideas I can get from it.

Just like my unpublished novel I wrote ten years ago, I’ve been flicking though my ‘how to’ pages and saying to myself, ‘Ooh that’s a good idea. How clever. I didn’t know that. Did I even write this?’ Obviously I did write it, though sometimes I do astound myself on what pours out of my mind, even if I say stuff that I shouldn’t, come from an average council estate household and had a regular high school education with my end of year report always saying, ‘Could try harder!’

Writing the book was, and still is, challenging as everything has to sound positive and upbeat. That’s why some squeals of excitement escaped my lips this afternoon as I recapped on the chapters about The Law Of Attraction and Attraction Marketing.

If you have read my previous blogs, if not then why not? You will notice that I don’t conduct my business through the normal dog eat dog, I-tread over-you-to-get-what-I-want-and-I-don’t-care-who-I-hurt channels, but an enlightened way.

So reading through the Attraction Marketing chapter, it has given me some extra ideas, even though I do some of those already, about marketing and attracting new customers. Yay. Is this the breakthrough that I’ve been looking for? I do hope so.

I’ve already started using The Law Of Attraction by clearing my desk from the clutter and now using it as my business hub. I guess that’s why writing these blogs over the past few days seem much easier, even though they can take two hours to perfect!!!

And I will need to look at my social media from a different aspect, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Maybe try new stuff out. Who knows? It looks like I’ve made some work for myself, doesn’t it?

Thank you for the new likes to my blog yesterday. Again, more squeals of delight made an appearance.

If you would like to read some of my stuff, I shouldn’t say stuff, more like creation, I have n online story on Kinky Klobber under the name of Celebrityville that’s all about the goings on within the showbiz and scandalous world of the celebrity.

Celebrityville – Kinky Klobber

It needs to be updated so please keep popping by to check out who’s doing who, to what and where!

Also, if there are any publishers out there who are interested in my ‘How to’ book or my novel, you know where to find me.

That’s it for now my lovelies.

It’s nearly time to settle down with a cup of tea and a chunk of Victoria sponge cake to watch the next episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. I so want to have a drunken dance on a table with Lisa Rinna.

Don’t forget to like and share my posts. Thanks.

Have a great day.



25th May 2021

Four days!

Yes four days it has taken me to death clean my bedroom. When I say death clean, it means a deep clean. An affectionate term used by my friend Liz when she’s on one. Her cleaning kick that is.

So as of typing this blog, I can now sit comfortably at my desk which hasn’t been used as a desk in years. Normally I’d have you casually flapping about on my lap in the lounge as I watch TV. I mean, I’d have my laptop on my lap in the lounge. Which in fairness I can still do, depending on my mood. Oh I do like to be multifunctional. It makes life so much more interesting. Don’t you think?

Anyway, last night as I sat in bed watching a TV programme about adult parties, I looked around the room and everything seemed to sparkle and shine. I was blinded by the bright light. And yes Liz, I did polish the lightbulbs as you used to, though not on a daily basis!

My mirror balls now reflect their glitter off the walls as they originally did many moons ago and I can now recognise the TV that was hidden underneath a blanket of dust. Designer dust, obviously.

I should become a dressed or naked cleaner and make money from all this cleaning malarkey.

Ha ha. Though on second thoughts, I don’t want to be the cause of a tsunami of hospital admittances from the horror from seeing my pasty, flabby stomach wobbling all over the place. Good grief. They’d definitely be no happy endings there!

Anyhow, the next stage on the agenda is to clear my mum’s bedroom and turn that into my office. Once that’s room is cleared, (which has to be done by the beginning of July as I have friends staying over to help decorate and do some dump runs for me and they need somewhere to sleep too) I can then play a giant game of moving the tiles around, or furniture, to make a pretty picture.

Then all I have to do after that is clear my back bedroom, which is now my junk room and turn that into a guest / play room for anyone who wishes to sleep over or pop in for some fun. Deep joy.


Business Updates

I’ve been looking online at my business and motivational Facebook pages that I follow and have been watching old videos on tips on how to grow my business.

One lady said that doing videos help to bring in customers. I’m not sure on that part for me as I may scare everyone away. But as they say, never say never.

Again sales are still very low, even compared to this time last year. So as I was dusting my bookcase, I looked through my sales from a few years ago and I am still selling the same kind of products, even on ebay too, but back then, I was losing so much money and not making any profit. Especially now that I recently noticed that I have been giving ebay extra money simply from clicking a button which is under my normal picture to pay for an extra-large gallery photo listing at £3 a time.

So can you imagine by not noticing this simple mistake I must have made years ago, and having used the same template to relist different items over and over again, I must have paid ebay about £5,000 in fees.


If you do sell on ebay, make sure that when you add a picture, DO NOT click on the small button underneath for an enlarged gallery picture as you will be charged £3 every time that item is relisted. 

I worked out that some months I was paying on average an extra £100 on fees just for this service, so beware!!!!

Good news, I have noticed that there is some cross pollination starting between Sissy Site and where people are linking through one site to the other.

This is fantastic. I just wish I could afford to buy new stock and add some interactive chat rooms and forum for you so that you can all meet up but this costs a lot of money which I don’t have at the time. And this is why I am looking for work to fund my business for you. I’ve applied for a position as a Night Receptionist at a local hotel, so we’ll see how that goes.

Saying that, you are more than welcome to help out by donating through the Kinky Klobber Donation page

Donations – Kinky Klobber

This will also help to keep the website running as I need to find £60 a month to pay for the upkeep. Obviously Universal Credit only allows me to just pay my bills but I want to get out of that system which I hate and be independent once again.

My aim is to be a leading player in the Sissy / Crossdressing community and help you wherever I can. But to do this, I will need your help. So please spread the Sissy Site name about, follow us on all of our social media platforms, like and retweet our posts as the more people who do that, the more new people we can attract and the more money I can make to reinvest in an interactive website that will benefit you. 

You may think I’m rather strange, idiotic and naïve to be so honest with you regarding my business details as most companies hide all of their secrets from their customers and competitors, but what’s the point in that? I believe in an enlightened business where I can help others to achieve not just their dreams but their fantasies too.

I do have lots of other plans and activities lined up for the future, but these will be unveiled nearer the time. I’m keeping all those secrets hidden in my frilly panties. And no, you can’t pop by have a grope. You’ll just have to wait, you naughty people!

Yes, I may be the first one to be fired on The Apprentice for being too nice, but I can’t change who I am to please other people just to fit into their stereotypical boxes that they’ve created.

The only time I’ll change is when I’m paid by the hour to slap your bottoms. And I’ll need a playroom for that. So get your fingers walking, your credit cards out and visit my Amazon Wish list.

That’s all for now. Have a great week.

Life is for living.

Don’t save anything for Best. Best is now!



Sunday 9th May 2021

Sat 8th May 2021

Oh dear.

Let’s leave it at that.

For most of you know what happens when I get together with my bestie, well, if not, then you’ll need to read my previous blogs, she is staying here for the weekend so that we can sort out both of our websites, sort out Wills and other legal paperwork.

It’s now the night after a bottle and a half of wine each and an early night at 10.30pm (yes we were both lightweights last night) we are now sat in our pj’s with our business heads on, poised over our laptops in mission control which is my kitchen, on the table that’s been buried in clutter for six years, ready for action.

As of writing this blog, Liz is having trouble finding her password to log into one of her sites, so that gives me the time to do some writing. Though sods law, during writing the last sentence, we have lift off and her password has been found.

She going to hate me for writing this, but Liz has sleep tourettes which is so funny. I knew she was getting tired as I looked over to her on the sofa and a low snore rumbled from underneath the duvet. The next minute she was sat upright, arms flung in the air and bellowed ‘cock a doodle doo’ before returning to her slumber.

Obviously she doesn’t recall this, but we laughed so much this morning when I recalled the event.

Sunday 9th May

Jumping for joy as I now have a drop down menu on my main website

The site looks so much cleaner, fresher and professional, with an after-glow of satisfaction and joy.

Though the poor old girl finished with a headache as it took her six hours yesterday to fix all the mess that I had made and now having a training session on what not to do in the future or otherwise I’m going to get my wrists slapped again!

And this afternoon Liz has re-zhuzhed all my blog topics and removed old promotions, links and outdated news. Apparently there were about 80 posts to go through but I have cooked her breakfast and dinner over the weekend as a thank you!

Staying with Liz, she has created a new website

She is such a talented psychic and knows when and what I’ve been up to, so I can’t hide anything from her anymore. Damn and blast!

We are going to have a go at doing a tarot card reading over messenger in a view for her to do that for a future business. She is brilliant and is spot on but doesn’t have to courage or confidence in her abilities to go, as they say public.

As usual, Liz did my tarot cards Saturday evening and they said that we had to have a brain storming session on Sunday about a business opportunity that we can do together which will be very prosperous. Immediately I said we should do something to do with karate as she used to have an amazing and very popular karate site which was dedicated to all aspects of karate, though unfortunately was ambushed by a federation for which she became close to and that tarnished her love for the sport.

After 10 years away from the karate world and of me telling her how she could have monetarized her website and saying how brilliant it was, although she never had the courage to do this and was bound by the society that she worked for, I said that she should restart her site, but this time for all the branches of karate and for the whole of the UK as she now has no ties to any particular federation and is an independent person with a renewed interest in the sport.

Again, during the tarot reading I got another one of her classic ‘shut up’ looks having remarked about redoing her site and we carried on until she told me that she was told by spirit that we had to do another reading on Sunday afternoon at 12.42pm.

Sunday 12.42pm came and we commenced the reading. The cards looked rather rosey and promising with new opportunities and money coming to me, then a crossroads card turned up. Liz said I was blindfolded but didn’t know where to go, which is true.

Then suddenly her phone rang and it was one of her old Karate Sensi’s that she hadn’t spoken to in years! Liz’s draw dropped and continued the reading, reluctantly knowing that was a sign for us to join forces. 

Fantastic news as we have reached 2,000 members. Thank you to all our fabulous followers.

Sissy Site (@sissysite) • Instagram photos and videos


Normally I use Twitter to promote some of my products but thought I have a go through Facebook Buy And Sell pages. Even though I got two new customers from that, I have been slated and bitched about for posting my wears on there. So in future, no more posts on there for unappreciated small minded, backward thinking people.

And breathe…

Job wise. A few disappointments have appeared on that front. I applied for the perfect job for working at a top London attraction, was offered an online interview the following week but due to an online communication error, I received a basic rejection email the next day.

A few days later, I applied for another job in the West End. I never heard back from them but guessed that the position had already been taken as the company had to advertise the position to the general public for legal purposes.

Never mind.

Positive thoughts, words and deeds

Brings the benefits that you need!

Phew. That was a marathon for you to read. Apology for the outpour from the fingertips.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

Don’t forget, if you wish to become a Sissy Site Supporter, please show your gratitude on our donation page.

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My target is to find £60 a month to keep both sites up and running. Thank you.

New lockdown changes come in force on May 17th, so let’s hope more doors will open for us all and the start of better things to come.

That’s all my news for now.

Have an amazing week.



Exclusive Sissy Set ESS1

Hello there.

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Anklet size approx. 8 inches.


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