Tuesday 7th September 2021

When first writing this blog over the Spank holiday weekend, Mission Control was back in action on my kitchen table.

Yes, the Liz is back with a vengeance.

Well not really, as for some strange reason and to my amusement, it was my turn to kick her up the arse this time!!! Thumpy thump thump right up her rumpy rump rump!

We spent the few days as well as necking back a few bottles of Tesco’s home brand wine (oh the class) and going through Liz’s social media platforms. The reason why is that her daughter, who has 900 followers on TicTok but only 45 on Instagram, recently posted a picture on her Instagram page saying about getting healthy and a clothing company has asked if she would advertise their clothing for them if they sent her some items and then earn some commission when any sales went through her personal online link.

Liz’s daughter In Law also has a TicTok account with 10,000 followers and now has started to earn money just from her rants and comments. Wow!

It’s such a shame that I can’t download TikTok as I don’t have any memory left on my phone as it’s a tad old now. Yes I still have a Galaxy S5. I really should upgrade it, but I don’t know who has hidden my all millions or where these secret bank accounts are, ha ha. As they say, I’m always open to someone treating me to a new Galaxy phone!!! Just putting it out there.

Anyway, Liz created her first video on #tictok about using crystals and what they mean. It was really funny as she made loads of mistakes from what she was saying and we laughed so much. So much so, I was banished out of the room until she finished filming.

We also finally realised (after many tries, tears, tantrums and Liz’s four hour marathon research session on the subject) how a hashtag works and what its use is for. It was odd to go through all this again as she brought up the subject and told me what to do two years ago when we went out for a Toby Carvery. Ah, a Toby Carvery. Those were the days.

And as Mr Piggy Poo here has been a glutton recently and has been a very naughty boy, I’ve been using too many hashtags on my personal Instagram page, so any writing that was attached to my pictures were never displayed. Apparently the maximum is 30 hashtags. No wonder none of my pictures showed up when I searched for them!

That weekend, Liz read my tarot cards and most of them were all upside down, meaning that I’m stuck and not progressing to where I should be going. Not impressed. But on a positive note, I was told that I had to commit to what I am doing. So, from that information, I have created an online cam chat account, so let’s see if that can bring in the money and get me off Universal Credit.

Apparently I can have a pay per view cam chat on my Kinky Klobber website, but can’t do any explicit adult stuff on there, which is such a shame as that would have been perfect. Especially having paid the yearly upkeep fee recently which has taken me well past my overdraft. I don’t know how to get back from this deficit, as most of you know that my finances could be better, but I’m staying positive as I know that the Universe will provide a solution.

I still want to have some sissies over to my place to be slapped on their satin bottoms and pay me for their thanks. So if you’re based in East London / Essex and want to have fun and let me practise on your rosy cheeks, let me know as my horse whip and cat o nine tails whips are attracting dust in my wardrobe and need to be aired and used.

Also, if you are a sissy decorator, you are more than welcome to come to mine with your stocking clad tool belt as I need my playroom decorated in a Moulin Rouge themed design, sexy, exotic and colourful for free.

Anyway, I’m back on track and roaring to go. Choo choo. I’ve been spring cleaning my own #instagram page, deleted some old posts and now re zhuzhing them to make them sparkle and shine, ready to become an influencer!

Thank you to all my followers for liking and following my posts on all three of my accounts. I’m going to apologise to you all now as you may unexpectedly come across some new videos of me prancing about like an blue arsed fly. ARGH I hear you say. No, no, no Matron. I’m sure my ARGH is even louder than yours, boarding on falsetto!!!

Not the one for hearing or seeing myself on video, although I can easily and without any reservations get up on a table and do the #agadoo (along with any other party dances #YMCA #TheMusicMan #StarTreckin etc even in a sober state) I am forced, yes forced to project myself online and make a complete fool of myself. Well, that’s no difference to what I do on a daily basis as everyone that I know will tell you.

Once again, thank you for putting up with me, liking my posts and following me. I am looking forward to getting to know you all over the next couple of months and hopefully entertain you in one capacity or another.

Stay special, don’t go changing.



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