Wednesday 24th August 2022

I can’t believe how quick these weeks are flying by. If I’m not careful I may blink and it’s Christmas.

Plus it seems only few days ago that I visited my friend Liz in Surrey. It must be my age!

Anyway, I’m off to visit my friends down in Poole soon. I’m looking forward to that. A fun break by the sea always invigorates me, inspires me and recharges my batteries. Whilst there, I’m going to investigate in a Chrome Book thingamajig as I need something like that to do my writing on whilst on my break at work. (Shameless plug for my romantic novel that I’m writing. Well, just started.)

I’ve just finished reading a book called From Pitch To Publication. It was very interesting and mind blowing about how agents and publishing contracts work, what happens with oversees and film rights and how the industry works. For a fluffy head person like me (and yes I can put on my bitch head and business head when needed) it gave me a lot to think about.

Yes I’ve come back to my writing after a break. A long break I should say. I have penned a novel many years ago, but that needs to be mega-ly revamped and updated.

Currently, I’m working on a new piece for Mills And Boon. It’s taking me ages as I’m having to write with a different head on, follow certain guidelines and have to calm down the naughty bits. For Mills And Boon, this kind of behaviour has to be left at the bedroom door, whilst normally I tend to write plenty of purple prose about people doing ‘stuff’ on the stairs on the way to the bedroom, in the bedroom and possibly on the wardrobe with a swing chair on a pulley whilst being filmed for the partner to watch at a later date!

My normal style of writing is generally called ‘Sex and Shopping’. I love reading stuff like that, very 1980’s of what the rich and famous get up to behind their golden gated enclosures, the million pound deals that take place within the oak panel lined boardrooms and the sexy shenanigans that goes on amongst the padded booths in notorious exclusive night clubs. 

To see what I’m talking about pop over to and check out my style of writing . Being cheeky, if a literary agent is reading this, you know where to find me.

So you can see my dilemma.

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before that my friend at work has bought me a book called ‘The Artist’s Way’ to help inspire me with my writing. It says that you need to do journaling and take yourself out for play dates.

Well, I started the journaling malarkey and got bored with that after a few days. Although I’m trying to do the play dates thing, but work keeps getting in the way. I mustn’t make excuses so need to get out of that mind frame and get a life. Who want’s to join in?

Talking about shamelessly plugging stuff, (did I mention that I’m writing a novel?) I was having a chat with a colleague at work the other night about them having Spotlight (this is a web page for actors to advertise their abilities and upload showreels for agents, casting directors etc to view and get them in for auditions) and I asked how he advertises it. He said that he didn’t do that is he didn’t know how to.

I said, ‘Do you post your link on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook?’

He replied, ‘No. I just have my link on my Instagram page.’

‘So how do you advertise your acting work?’

‘I don’t really.’

‘And on your Spotlight page, do you have videos of you with various singing and acting styles, ie Shakespeare, modern plays, monologues, musicals and rock and pop songs?’

‘No,’ he replied. No wonder he’s complaining about not getting any auditions.

I then suggested that he should plug his page regularly on social media to let everyone know so he could get an acting job. I asked around at work with some of my other colleagues about how they advertise their online profiles and they all said the same thing. They don’t. They’re just sit around waiting for their agents to find them work.

Oh the younger generation! To have a theatrical agent is a blessing in that industry.

It does annoy me that they all tend to sit about and whine about not getting auditions and not do anything about it. I was lucky back in my time that I sung and danced around the Mediterranean on a cruise ship and was a holiday host for a famous UK holiday centre without having an agent. I have offered them some advice but they seem to know better than me and not take it. Oh well, it they don’t want any advice from someone who has been in their situation before, then I’m not going to bother anymore and concentrate on my efforts.

With that in mind, writing this blog, isn’t straight forward either.

First I have to write the blog (this one has taken two days to write, some bits were illegibly scribbled down whilst on the tube using my doctor’s handwriting so no one could read over my shoulder and have a quick thrill). Then when finished, it has to be uploaded on to this site and then adapted so that it looks interesting and appealing to the eye.

I then have to create a picture to use for advertising. And finally, post the link for the blog on my social media pages.

And then it starts again.

Companies who are savvy with this technology employ a team of experts who constantly release articles, news and titbits about their products and services. Take a look at a well-known brand or business that you follow on social media and see how many post they produce a day. It’s surprising how it all adds up.

I know that I need to add more content on here, so I’m going to have to invest in a new phone so that I can take some pictures as my current phone, Galaxy S5, yes I am old school, is running out of memory. Saying that, I’ll have to redecorate the spare bedroom for photo shoots so that the pictures will look pretty.

Being cheeky, any local sissies in the East London / Essex area fancy popping over to do some free decorating whilst dressed?

Talking of having fun, play time has been really quiet, almost non-existent. Because of the heat, the weather has knocked me for six. And as it’s been hot at night, I’ve been finding it hard to sleep. As I’m sure most of you have too. I guess some people like this hot weather as it tends to make them horny. I couldn’t think of anything worse with all that sweat dripping everywhere and messing up my bedding.

On with some brilliant news, my graphic designer friend at work has created a new fabulous Jack Of Spades design which I can use to make some T Shirts and other merchandise. So do keep popping by my Twitter, ebay store and for updates.

As you know, I’ve had some kinky badges made recently, which are selling really well, and will start to reinvest into new lingerie ranges. Although, I wish I could design my own line of lingerie, but haven’t got the knowledge, contacts or the cash for that. Yet!!! Any offers?

I’m also looking into upgrading Sissy Site soon, but need to wait until I come back from my trip away to see what’s left in my silk lined wallet. That is, if a kind person out there would like to spoil me and donate £200! Ha ha.

Well that’s all for now.

I’m off to have a cup of tea and give my friend Liz a call to see what she’s been up to today.

Take care my lovelies.



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