Friday 20th August 2021

Well, I’m not impressed!

I’m in a bit of a pickle this month, but must stay positive.

Being honest with you, as my Kinky Klobber website fee of £433 was due at the end of the month, I was going to let it expire as one, I can’t afford to pay it and two, because I haven’t made any money from the website over the last year to cover the cost, so I was going to let it become just a blog page for a while and then was going to say that the website was under construction.

But oh no. Stupid me. The Universe didn’t have that in mind for me.

Obviously as sales have been not as good as compared to last year, plus my job hunting has become annoying as potential employer still don’t answer back to my applications, I have to claim Universal Credit. This money just pays my utility bills and any profit that I sell goes towards food and new stock.

Today, I checked my bank to see if I had enough money in there to pay for some postage, and I did, I saw that my Universal Credit payment had been paid a few days earlier than normal. Great, I thought. I can pay my bills tonight.

But oh no. That’s not going to happen as my website fee has been taken out of my bank. ARGH!!!!!! And now I’m back into my overdraft.

I could cry but again, I must think positive as I know that the Universe will provide for me. Somehow!

So I’m now on my knees (haven’t been in that position for a long while) and asking all my fab readers and friends for help. Please can you pop over to

and donate whatever you can so that I can keep this website going for another year. I know how wonderful and generous you all are. Thank you.

On a much brighter note, my friends from Poole have been visiting and have decorated my porch and downstairs cloakroom. I will add some pictures next month, but not now as my bestie Liz hasn’t seen it yet so I want to see her face when she squeals with delight with all the changes I’ve done to my house.

My mum’s room will be the guest room and will be decorated in a Moulin Rouge, Phantom Of The Opera theme. Decedent and naughty. Just like me!

My Poole friends came back to stay as we were supposed to go and see the show Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but as we were sat having a pre-show coffee in The Garden café on Drury Lane, we got a message to say that the show had been cancelled due to a cast member having Covid 19.

This is not anyone’s fault, but my friend Louise was extremely upset because as a surprise for me, she had paid extra to have front row seats in the stalls, right in the centre.

Although we had this disappointment and her daughter had spilt coffee all over her designer trousers (that’s another story) we were looked after really well by the staff at Drury Lane theatre that day, so thank you for your help and understanding.

Louise did book again for the end of August and were going to make a day trip from Poole as no one could house sit for them that weekend, but unfortunately she has been given a hospital appointment to check Gerry, her pace maker, so yet again, our trip to the theatre is a no no and Louise has had her money refunded. I guess it was never to be to see that show. Such a shame.

On another positive note, because of our trip around London that day, my dormant emersion light for my love of musical theatre had been re-ignited.

So a few days later, I had an ‘aha’ moment. As my personal Instagram page has only a few followers, just compiled with friends, I am going to post pictures of musicals, theatres and anything else that’s dedicated to that glittering showbiz world. And if I can get lots of followers on there, there is a link to my ebay shop which should bring in the sales so that I can buy new stock to sell on Kinky Klobber. And then in a few months time, I’ll be able to have my personal website zhuzhed and online once again, I will have links on there to my ebay shop and my ebooks.

With that in mind, I thought I’d clear my bookshelves in my bedroom from my business files and swap them over with all my theatre books. So at the moment, my mum’s room, or I should say the guest/play room is full of books to sort out.

In the back room, which I’m turning it into my office/craft room, I found two boxes tucked in the corner under a pile of junk which were filled with my weekly subscription musicals magazines and cd’s. And even better, hidden underneath the folders at the bottom of the boxes were my missing books, including The Secret and other motivational books, which I’ve been searching for, for years. You can guess how happy I were.  

In a twisted turn of fate, having found these books, I believe this is the spiritual ‘kick up the bottom’ sign that I needed for me to take my work and business more seriously, especially now that I have to find the money to pay this month’s bills.

It’s such a shame that I don’t know any local slaves or sissies that will pay to clean my house or be punished to help pay my bills. If you know of anyone like this, do let me know. I’m sure there must be plenty of kinky bottoms that need to be slapped and whipped in East London / Essex!

Phew! That’s all for now.

I’ve got the next round of detoxing my house to do this weekend as Liz is hopefully coming to stay next weekend and I want to surprise her. And yes she does read this, so this is for Liz, UP UP UP, SERENA, SERENA, SERENA!!! I can’t wait for her visit as I need some belly laughs.

Have a fab weekend my luvvlies.



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