Sunday 4th September 2022

Mission Control is back in swing. Yes Liz is back up here in Old London Town for a few days and we’re sitting at my kitchen table upgrading Sissy Site to become a business site. So from now on, I can do so much on there, like taking PayPal payments, donations and more space for articles and news etc. How exciting?

With hours of frustration under Liz’s black leather studded belt, we have both created an online shop for Sissy Site. It took her a while to get her clever head around the system, but now I have a shop to sell my sissy products through.

Liz also created new pages, links and other ‘back end’ bits and bobs which was way over my head. I am so lucky to have a friend like her. Thank you Liz.

Talking about shopping, watch out for a new T Shirt clothing range and sissy merchandise coming soon. I have a fab design, I just need to source the T Shirts. Liz and I are going to do some research regarding that after we’ve stuffed ourselves with a roast that I’m cooking this evening. As soon as the items start to arrive, I will post them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or I could wait until the whole range is in stock and create a big launch. What do you think?

After having more glasses of wine than me (well I did give her a bigger glass, by accident of course) Liz did my tarot cards again and I was told that I have to be serious about my Sissy Site and turn it into a business as this is where I am going to make my money.

She also told me some other private stuff about me, which I can’t disclose as I have friend’s and work colleagues reading this and I don’t want them to know what I’ve been up to. How mysterious. It’s a good job that Liz forgets things like that when she’s drunk. Although I do have a video clip of her sitting on my lounge floor singing her heart out to the song ‘Nothing’ from A Chorus Line. I have no idea where she got that song from as I’m the musical theatre geek.

Anyway, I have given her a talking to about her lifestyle choices and other things, as that what a friend does. Equally she has kicked me up the bum about my business matters, so we both happily sorted each other out.  

Last week I went to visit my friends down in Poole, Dorset. As usual, we had such a laugh, especially as we binged watched the BBC’s comedy series Ghosts as well as their outtakes. Our mottos for the week were Mary’s ‘Get out, get out, get out’ and Thomas’s ‘Damn your eyes sir. Damn your head, shoulders, knees and toes sir’.

Mark (bless him) helped me with regards upgrading my mobile phone, so now I can do more things on it compared to my older phone. Also, I invested in a small laptop, note pad thing for my writing. At last I can look professional and jot down my blogs whilst at work, as well as doing online stuff.

One day last week, Louise booked a bottomless brunch at a restaurant called Turtle Bay. We were greeted with a rum drink, which I had both of them as there was something in the drink which affected Louise’s tongue. We then went on to a strawberry daiquiri each, which again, I drank both of them as Louise didn’t like it. The prosecco came and went, followed by, I think four more strawberry daiquiris. Sorry but I lost count after the first one. And yes, there are picture of this debauchery online somewhere on Facebook. The food was delicious and not too spicy (which I thought it would be) and the service was really great and relaxed.

We then strolled, or I should say, I zig zagged down Bournemouth high street until we reached the beautiful sandy beach. After going on the Red Arrow’s (stimulator) simulator ride, Mark came and picked us up. I struggled to keep awake in the back of the car and when we got back to their home, I went straight to bed and passed out for three hours!

As Louise went to bed early every night, Mark and I watched a series of films as he kindly let me have a Sandra Bullock film fest, where I caught up with most of her films, as well some NCIS episodes. Poor Mark, I kept on asking him at the end of each episode, who did the murders. He just peered over his glasses and told me. Again, poor Mark.

Also, it was a good job that I took my jogging gear with me, as one night whilst out jogging late at night, a message popped up on my new phone from one of those dating apps saying would I like to ‘meet for some fun’ as I was near to him.

Why not? I thought. I replied back that I didn’t bring anything to dress in as I was on holiday and he said not to worry as he had plenty of sexy lingerie that I could choose from.

About fifteen minutes later of excited jogging, I was in his house, fully aroused and was trying on some black laced sexy outfits, which led to some very heated bedroom shenanigans. It’s a shame that we didn’t take any pictures as that would have been a great reminder. But let’s just say, we had lots of naughty fun and I shall leave it at that!

As you can see, I had a fab time down there and as before, travelled in style by first class on the train. I thought I’d treat myself as travelling first class gives me loads of leg room, an empty seat beside me for my hefty suitcase and a quiet carriage to relax in and watch the world go by. Shame that we didn’t have a buffet, trolley service on there as I was gasping for a cup of tea. Oh well, at least I had my Tesco meal deal to munch on.

And now I’m back home and it is back to business. I can’t believe how fast my holiday went. Well at least my work’s uniform’s all washed, though it just needs ironing. Any offers? Plus there’s been some gossip happening at work since I’ve been away, so I will need to be filled in on that, just in case I put my feet in it, as I can tend to!

That’s all for now.

I’m trying to concentrate on finishing up this blog but my phone keeps bleeping from a local fit guy who keeps messaging me and wants to meet up with me this week. How many times do I have to say that I work late at night and can’t play, even though I’m so tempted as he’s a young, sexy beast? Oh the pressure of being popular. I’ll let you know if or when it happens.

Have a great week.

Stay special. Don’t go changing.



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