Tuesday 9th August 2022

Hello my luvlies.

Yes, long time, no hear!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since my last blog. How very naughty of me. Do you think I should be punished?

Since we last chatted, my life has changed completely. I caught Covid, which gave me time to move some furniture around and clear out more clutter. Plus I now have a job!!!

I’m now working as a Front Of House usher for a major West End musical. Finally I have money coming into my bank, which means I can start re investing back into my business to buy new stock, save up and can now have a life and make some new friends.

Talking of new stock, I have created some novelty Sissy themed button badges.

You can buy these on http://www.kinkyklobber.com

or on my ebay store https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/magicalmusicals

These cost £9.99. Free UK postage.

Just to let you all in to a little secret, I’m in the process of creating more badge designs and naughty T shirts, so please keep popping by or check out our Instagram and Twitter pages for more details and up to date news.

My bestie Liz is having a tough time at the moment. Unfortunately due to family reasons, she has been lumbered with a lot of debt, ultimately causing her to have a breakdown. None of her family care about this and her, which really angers me. As they say, you can’t pick your family…

On a positive note, the past week Liz has had an intervention and a surprise visit from my friends in Poole. They have spent the week kicking arse. Big time! There was only so much that I could do on her behalf, so Louise and her husband packed up their bags, trundled up the motorway in their campervan called Margot and pitched up outside of Liz’s bungalow.  

I know you are reading this Liz, but it will be the best thing that has happened to you. That is, except for your birthday treat we had a few months ago at a Warner’s Leisure Hotel at Studley Castle.

Yes we had lots of fun there, drinking all day, going to the spa and partying all night. Sadly that will be the last holiday in a while as none of her selfish family will look after her pets for a few days. Never mind. At least we will save some money.

I’m still keeping up with my jogging (or as my friends laugh and call it my dogging). But as I get home from work about 12am, after having had a shower and a cup of tea or a few glasses of rosé, I go out jogging at silly hours in the morning. It’s good though as no one is about to see my stomach wobble in my lycra tights. My stamina must be getting better as I can jog for much longer periods without having to stop, or it could be the wine that makes it easier! And even better, I have gone down a notch on my belt.

That’s all for today. I now have to iron my uniform for tonight and sort out some food to stuff my face with whilst on my break at work.

I do have more news to spill, but I will share that with you over the next few days. Need to keep you all in suspenders (suspense get it?)

Have a great day. Enjoy the sunshine.

Stay special. Don’t go changing.



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