Friday 10th November 2023

Hello my lovelies. 

I hope all is well.

Two weeks ago I had a fruitful visit to Liz’s for Halloween before she pops off to Edinburgh next month to meet one of her men from her hareem. 

For those who don’t know, Liz talks in her sleep and generally comments on random stuff as she catches her zeds. To my amusement, I reply back to see if we can strike up some kind of conversation and see where that leads us. Sometimes it can be rather comical, especially the time when she was stayed at mine and screeched ‘cock a doodle doo in the middle of the night!’

Though this time she murmured that ‘I’m loosing a trick’ regarding my business (which she had said many times over the past few months whilst doing my tarot cards but never knew what that meant) and we also had to ask Gabriel. 

The next day I told her what had happened and we both laughed. We don’t know any Gabriel’s.

Night time came around again and as usual, she fell asleep on the sofa, leaving me to watch crap on TV surrounded by her cats and dogs who were piled up on top of me.

The next thing I know is that she’s uttering about how she’s looking forward to tomorrow (it was Halloween and it would be her New Years Eve) as Gabriel and now Michael is going to help.

I still don’t know who these people are and now Michael has joined the party! The cheek.

Again I told her what happened and even she didn’t have a clue who these people were. 

Then it clicked.

She had been chuntering on about her Gabriel angel cards she bought a few years ago.

It turns out that these cards also contain messages from the angel Michael.

So, having had another spiritual kick up the bum, the cards said that I must treat my business as a business and not limit myself with a small target audience, to which I have been doing. 

Everything that I want can be achieved, I just have to get off my bum and work for it. So that’s great news. Phew!

The ‘trick’ that I have been missing (the answer was finally revealed and it was positively simple) is that I’m missing out on seasonal products and now I should be selling my Christmas ranges (which I don’t have yet, but busily scouting out for some bits and pieces.) Also I need to concentrate more on my site as this will bring in the viewers which will lead in to sales. 

Even before this message,  Liz and I have been working on a project on Kinky Klobber with something that we’ve been talking about for months and now have put in to fruition. 

We have created a Kinky Terminology page where most Kinky phrases, initials and hashtags can be found in alphabetical order.

There you will find the meanings, some psychology behind the topics and possibly ‘how to do’ techniques. 

Eager to get on with this before my visit to Liz, I started to create some pages so that I can add stock to them and information. 

This I did. Though not properly, according to the horror of Liz’s reaction and an hour and a half of fixing my mistakes.  

And there’s me thinking I was being proactive and helpful!

Anyway, Liz showed me what to do (with apprehension) and I started adding pages to the Kinky Terminology list whilst she had a bath. 

I must have about one hundred words on the list so far and now I have to write out their meanings. This is going to take ages, but worth it.

We are aiming for Kinky Klobber (as we’re now 6 years old) to be like Liz’s old website she once owned about ten years ago. Back in the day, it was very popular within a certain martial arts sporting genre as it contained tons of information on what to look for when joining a local club, the latest rules and regulations, descriptions of venues, child protection details and the different styles of the sport that were gathered under the generic ‘umbrella’ name, along with the different branches of federations of who they were and what they did.  

Unfortunately her passion for the sport subsided due to her kids spoiling it for her, but she is now dipping her mistress, manicured toes back in to it. Though not at the level or commitment as once before.

Her site contained a huge wealth of information, news and features which every level of that sporting community could take inspiration from.

It was such a shame that she didn’t make any money from it, as today, she would certainly be earning a comfortable living from it. Or could have sold it for thousands of pounds!

Saying that, she’s a lazy cow and would never had made the effort. Never mind. I guess it was not to be.

Anyway, it looks like it’s back to work for me. I can see ahead of me many late nights of being hunched over my lap top with my head stuck in the screen. I’d rather my head be stuck somewhere else.

Oops. I mustn’t get distracted and get on with it. Work, that is.

Since writing the first part of this blog, I’ve been doing my stock take on Kinky Klobber and have been refreshing the stock on there, adding new products and removing the ‘out of stock’ items. It’s not worth having such things on there, cluttering up the pages. So off and trashed they go! I will do the same on here soon.

It’s taking ages to go through the jewellery as they need to be repackaged and rebranded with their Kinky Klobber backing cards. But that’s what was needed. I should be done with all that and now, so by the time this blog is published, I will be sorting out the clothing products and going through each listing. Yay.

I’m glad that I’ve taken the week off work to go through my website, which it has given me time to rethink of where I should be heading for next year. I now have my business priorities in the right place now and will invest more time and energy in to producing a decent income and profit from it to where I can work from home on a full time basis.

As Liz always says about her bin manifesting story, ‘I need a bin for my cup. I know there’s a bin somewhere during my walk. I don’t know where it is or how long it will take me to find it, but there’s a bin waiting for me.’ And I know that this works as Liz has proved it this year. I can’t say what has happened, as that’s private, but her manifestations have come true. And now she’s on her next stage. You go girl.

So that’s what I’m doing now. Here is my daily manifesting saying.

I earn enough money from my successful businesses to be able to work from home on a full time, self employed basis.

I know this will work, as I’m getting more followers on my social media platforms. I just need to do the hard bit, just like in any other business, convert the followers in to customers. I know I shouldn’t be staying stuff like this publicly, but if I can help or inspire anyone who is struggling with their business at the moment, then that’s a bonus for me.

My home is still a mess, with boxes to go through and sort out, although I did manage to buy some gold paint to do my doors and skirting boards. Why is the paint that I want more expensive to other ones? I want a hammered effect on my ceiling as I already have wood chip paper covering it (don’t judge as my dad put it up years ago and it’s still in good nick) but the gold paint for that only comes in small tins, so that may work out expensive. Perhaps I may need to add that to my Amazon Wish List?

Anyway, I’m even thinking of getting a leopard print corner suite for my lounge. What do you think? So decadent dahling!!!  

Liz is coming up very, very, early Monday morning to hang my wallpaper, so I had to go out and buy new brushes and wallpaper paste. I can’t wait to see the difference to my lounge. I should put some before and after pics on here. What do you think?

Oh well it’s back to work tomorrow, so I better iron my shirts tonight instead of rushing about in the morning as I usually do.

Have a great weekend.

Stay special my lovelies.



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