Saturday 14th October 2023

Hello my lovelies.

Where are those pesky ninja turtles? A new shredder is in town!

Ha ha. That’s what I’m calling myself at the moment as I’m in the middle of shredding all of my out of date business papers.

I have at least 20 thick (mmm thick) folders to go through and each one, once shredded can easily fill up a dustbin bag.

So instead of decorating as I haven’t got the right colour of gold paint for my ceiling and skirting boards yet, I’m trying to be proactive and clear out more clutter and irrelevant paper work.  

There’s still more stuff to go through in the loft, but it won’t be that bad this time as I’ve already cleared a lot of junk from up there when my friends were here two months ago. 

I’ve also got a wardrobe full  of my mum’s Elvis Presley memorabilia to sort through and to list on ebay. That’s going to be a mammoth task to ungergo but it needs to be done. 

On the other hand, once those lovely old fashioned till kerchings from my website start ringing again on my silent phone, I’ll be able to reinvest the money back into my business and buy some new sexy lingerie for you.

So please spred the word about our site and do like and share my posts on social media as this makes a big difference.

More good news, I’ve just been promoted at work to supervisor. Yay. I’ve been a cover supervisor for nearly a year and I’ve done the work before at a bigger theatre, which means I don’t have to sit in and watch the audience or the show anymore, only to do late seating or watch people who are behaving badly (to which our show attracts that kind of behaviour sadly) and then having to deal with any situations. 

We’ve had many situations this week including fights in the auditorium, countless people ‘asked to leave’ and some refused entry as they were too drunk to even stand up. 

The money is a bit better (though still not good enough for what we have to put up with regarding unruly customers with no theatre ettiquette, bad manners or who are drunk out of their heads which can cause them to be violent or rude) and I can use that extra money to pay off my credit card and to sort my house out. 

We’re hoping for a rise throughout our industry soon. Though it’s up to the union BECTU and the producers of all the West End shows to work out a deal. So fingers crossed that’s going to be soon!  

I shall be popping down to Liz’s in a few weeks time for Halloween. I do like it down there in leafy Surrey as it has a calming effect on me. Also at this time of year, all of her local chocolate box style high street shops go overboard for the Halloween holiday season.

Plus the garden centres will be in mid bloom with their Christmas displays too, which will give us a chance to have some fun photo opportunities to post on our personal social media sites. Though I will not make the same mistake as I did last year and wear the same jumper as I did in the previous year’s pictures. Even if it is my favourite jumper, it’ll have to stay home!

Whilst there, I’m hoping to buy some gold paint so that I can get back to finishing off the ceiling and woodwork in my lounge. I’m not sure what to do in the hall yet, perhaps keep the same theme and link it altogether.

Also, if we have time from shopping and sightseeing (my terminology for being taken to her local ‘Miss Marple’ idyllic villages, pubs and shops, as well as visiting her family and their kids) and that’s to update my website and add some pages. We have an idea in mind to put on which will mean a lot of work involved and lots of research. We’ve been tossing this idea about for a long time now, and Liz needed it a few months ago. So I guess it’s a possible project. I’ll let you know the outcome of that.

I guess whilst I’m at Liz’s, we’ll need to create some more content for her social media. May have to be drunk for that!

The new Queen of Spades merchandise is creating a lot of interest and has started to go well. I did not know there were so many cuckolded husbands and boyfriends out there. Especially those who love to share a big black cock too! Just need to find different items to print the design on and get our name out there.

Yes I’m still working on a logo for Sissy Site. I want to keep the logo simple in case we can create an app one day. Now wouldn’t that be good?

I may need to be quick with this a my designer friend has been headhunted by her local school where she will become part of the administration team. I’m really pleased for her as she’s been looking for local work for so long and now it has come to her.

Thank you for the donations recently. Yes I understand that the cost of living has increased vastly, but if you can spare to donate at least £5 to help keep our website going, that would make all the difference. 

Names and amount can be disclosed for privacy.

Donations –

Thank you.

Keep checking our Twitter and Facebook pages for any updates.

Take care.



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