Tuesday 26th September 2023

Hello my lovelies. 

Wow! Thank you.

I’ve just been notified that we now had over 10,000 hits on our site. That’s fabulous. 

I can’t thank you enough.

My friend at work has started to make anime themed pin badges with her 3D printer. Her first effort or prototype looks really good and professional, so I’m going to see how she gets on with them and then will look into designing my own pins and charms. We’ve already discussed this business idea over a cup of tea whilst she was designing her pins on her PC at work. 

I’m still looking into designing a new logo for the business (though not sure on what I want at the moment, so that doesn’t help, does it?) and need to make the site more attractive and pretty, along with some additional features.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like to see on here, please let me know. 

Regarding my day to day duties at home and work, I’m going to be honest with you and put my hands up. I’ve been very naughty and rather lazy this August in terms of sorting out my house. It’s been too hot for me to be on bended knees to clean and scrub the floors so I thought I will restart when the weather turns and my motivation takes hold again. 

I’ve now got under two weeks to sand down the lounge walls and skirting boards before Liz comes back to visit as she’s to going hang my wallpaper and paint the woodwork in antique gold. Just need to buy the paint!

I’ve also need some lining paper to be put up in the spare room and then painted white as this is going to be my office and craft room. 

So if any of you sexy beasts are local painters and decorators that live near the East End of London and are willing to charge mates rates with the bonus of ‘extras’ included, then please contact me. Wink! Wink!

As we speak, I still have lots of boxes in the kitchen,  lounge and garage to go through and decant, though admittedly I did have an excuse not to do anything for a few days (well it’s a poor excuse so don’t judge) as I had Louise and Mark’s daughter stay for a long weekend and we were out gallivanting around London for most of the time. 

It was great to see her as she hadn’t been to my house for nearly two years and was shocked and pleased on how well I was getting on.

I can’t believe that I forgot she is so like her mum regarding her mannerisms and attitude on life (especially the early morning get up and go mentality, unlike me where it still feels like the middle of the night and I need another five minutes to peel my eyes open with a giant pair of forceps) and it was great that she threw out some cracking ideas to think about and gave a fresh view on my plans, not just about my home but about my business too.  

This week my Queen Of Spades lapel pins have arrived and I’m so happy to add them to my collection. 

These will make a great stocking filler or a sexy secret Santa gift for your loved one, your secret one or that naughty secretary at work!

As you can see, I’m now back at the research stage and looking out for new and exciting products (I guess this will always be a constant thing for me as I need to stay ahead of the competition and be a leader in the industry) and trying to find original  items to have my designs printed on. 

I have some ideas, but need to keep in mind of the cost of each product when looking as at first they may deem to be a decent price, but then I have to calculate in the fees and post and packaging, ending up with the hope of  some kind of profit margin when reselling.  

Oh the joy of being self employed. 

Well that’s all for now.

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‘Likes are great, but ‘buys’ are better!

As they say, #mimo

Miss It. Miss Out!

Play safe my lovelies.



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