Wednesday 13th September 2023

Chaos has chosen my house!!!

Not just chosen, but has been taken over, devoured by the hungry appetite of the DIY monster and spat it out the other end, spewing its guts of garbage all over the place!

My poor walls are naked and exposed, all ready for a good rub down. The lounge floor has had its safe, comforting carpeted covering viciously ripped away by the orders of Mistress Morwenna (aka Liz) and don’t get me started on my poor box room, echoing from its empty shell, yeaning to be filled up, played with and loved once more. 

Yes it does sound dramatic, but I’ve never experienced an upheaval like this in such a long time where normality  now resides in a blank canvas, being tripped up by an army of boxes to the point of having to navigate around them or strategically move them like a general with his troops in order to get to the kitchen just to make a cup of tea.

Oh the joys of decorating. 

And now you can officially call me a scrubber. Yes I’m now on my knees (wait for it and don’t get too ahead of yourselves you naughty people) and scrubbing all the filth away from the floor tiles that were hidden underneath the old fashioned ‘granny’ brown and gold swirly carpet.

About thirty five years of dirt and dust needs to be swept away, scrubbed and wiped clean, in order to cleanse the house so that all the good fortune, vibes and opportunities that are knocking at the door can come in and fulfill their destiny.

I know the place is a mess and not ready for any kind of entertaining (although the guest room is practically finished, so that’s an option. Mmm. I’ll have to have a think about that and find a way of making it into my playroom as well. Ooh. Black out curtains here I come) but I’m positive that it will get better as all the preparation has been done and now the exciting bit of choosing the decor can commence.

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, but I’m going for a Moulin Rouge theme for my lounge and hall. Red crushed velvet swags a gogo, blonde oak wooden flooring and can-can show girl feathers sewing off the red and gold damask clad walls.  

It’s going to be very exotic, decadent, bohemian and theatrical. Oh alright then… Camp!

Yes I know that sounds eccentric and not what you’ll find in a normal family filled IKEA furnished, minimalistic muted home or a simple lined Kelly Hoppen designed house, but I do like stuff that’s classed as over the top, loud and brash. That’s me. I’m not going to apologise for that. Full stop. End of.

Back in the day when my mum and dad were alive, my  house was always full of people and everyone was welcome. And that’s what I want again. Somewhere that’s safe for friends to pop by, relax and have a good time.

It’s always been a happy house, with fun and laughter filling up the place. But over the past few years, it feels that its been in mourning, missing the loved ones that have sadly passed. And now, it’s quietly waiting in the shadows, sussing out the next generation to see what they can bring to the table before and bursting from its dormant cocoon and blossom into its next and exciting chapter.   

Yes it’s a big responsibility being a home owner and a grown up, taking on the challenge and custodian of the family’s heritage (this sounds rather grand and pretentious but it’s just an ex-council house) but I’m now ready to give it the love and attention it once had and now deserves. 

With all that in mind, I now need to put all my extra energy and money into building up my business, with the goal of making a continual profit in order to work from home full time and not have to worry about paying my bills and have plenty of money for recreational activitiesq.  

Saying that, I have started to filter in a new range of Queen Of Spades clothing and merchandise range to compliment my Jack Of Spades line of products that I already sell.

So for any of you cuckolded husbands out there, these  exclusive items are the perfect birthdays, Christmas or anniversary presents to buy for the wife or girlfriend just to show her how much you love her and how much you want to share her with a big black cock or two. 

I’m sure this will make her very happy. And horny! 

So what are you waiting for? 

I have more items lined up in the pipeline, so do keep popping by and follow all of my social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and now on Tiktok.

I know here in the UK we’ve been in the midst of a random heatwave of up to 30 degrees, but I’m now planning ahead and thinking of the snowy, white blanket lined bustling holiday season called Christmas.   

So don’t forget to order now  before the Christmas rush begins as you don’t want to loose out on all that potential fun, now do you? 

Catch you all soon.

Take care my lovelies.



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