Saturday 19th June 2021

The Liz is back. Yeah. The Liz is back, acid groove.

Yes, as the song and title says, The Liz is back here with me this weekend to celebrate her birthday. After her four and a half hours queue ride on the M25, we had a wee drinkie last night, well, a bottle of wine each and some nibbles. Unfortunately it wasn’t a candle light finger buffet as Hyacinth Bouquet (Bucket) would say, served on her Royal Doulton hand-painted periwinkle china, but dished out on my childhood vintage 1970’s side plates with a mustard glaze finish.

So today we are back in Mission Control, my kitchen, both perched over my imitation wooden Formica covered kitchen table. I’m doing my social media stuff and writing this blog and Liz is pulling out her half dyed hair in frustration whilst filling out a complicated 30 page childcare claims form.

Liz was impressed with all my ongoing house detoxing efforts and is pleased on how much I have cleared out since her last visit. At the moment I’m about 15% of the way through the cleansing process and concentrating on clearing out the cupboards and drawers. Any decent bits and bobs that I don’t want are being donated to the charity shops. But as I don’t drive and have a small, floral covered granny style shopping trolley, I can only fit so much in it.

In the meantime, I’ve been discovering old photos and documents that I’m going to frame and hang on my walls. I’ve already started by creating a wall of fame in my hallway, with black and white pictures of my mum and dad when they were teenagers, old school photos of myself and many holiday snaps. On my kitchen wall I have some old school pics of Liz’s children, so I am going to add more of her family on there at a later date. Don’t tell her but I’ve found some old embarrassing pics of her and some of me trying to look cool in my blue tinted shades when I had my Steps birthday party at her mum’s house about twenty years ago! That was a fun evening. It’s sad to think that I can still remember the ‘Tragedy’ dance moves after all these years.

Well, I did do the dance on my own a few years ago whilst enjoying a Warner’s Halloween holiday break with Liz. I have no shame, I’m sure you must know that by now. The DJ tried to clear the disco early that night and played the opening number to the 42nd Street musical. So to call their bluff, I went into a full on, jazz hands, cheesy showbiz tap routine which made Liz nearly wet herself with laughter. At the end I got an astounding applause from the cleaners, the bar staff, the DJ and the entertainments team who were still lurking about. I think I may have surprised them all as I don’t think they weren’t expecting to see someone of my age doing that on the dancefloor, especially when the old dears usually go to bed at 10.30pm and leave on a mass exodus when the cabaret finishes.

To be honest, I did do a two year musical theatre course, acquired my Equity card from singing and dancing on a cruise ship around the Mediterranean and entertained families in some top UK holiday centres back in my time!!!  

Now back to the present, sales have slumped again in the past few weeks, though I guess a lot of people are concentrating on the Euro 2020 football tournament and are spending their money on nonessential food and drink for the match time entertainment, rather than indulging in other online activities and credit card crunching.

So whilst times are quiet at the moment, I have been contemplating a new business project that I can do in conjunction with my websites Kinky Klobber and Sissy Site. Over the past week, I’ve been doing some research on the matter and it looks promising. I can’t see anyone else doing what I want to do, so is that a good thing or a bad thing? Is it a good thing as no one has thought of the idea yet and there’s money to be made from this concept or a bad thing as no one wants it and there’s no supply and demand? Well I’m going for the first choice as I like to be positive about things. I will let you know about any developments as the business progresses.

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That’s all for today.

I’m sure something may happen over the weekend as it usually does when Liz is here. She’s going to do my tarot cards tonight, so let’s see what happens. Also my aunty is coming over tomorrow and is taking us both out to lunch at my local Toby Carvery so I may be getting an ear bashing from her about finding a job and finances etc.

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Have an amazing weekend.


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