Wednesday 16th June 2021


Find out what moves you to passion and do it.

Not because it will make you famous. Not because of the money but because you can’t not do it.

Just strive to be the best in what you do and the rest will follow.

Follow your bliss.

Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

Quote. J B Fletcher

Murder, She Wrote.

With a scrap of illegible handwriting stuck on my freshly organised notice board, I decided to type that quote out last night and pin it on to my dream board, so when I read it every day, it will remind me, inspire me and motivate me to find my bliss.

Other than the obvious, I love to write. Hands up I’m no Shakespeare and I don’t confess to be a literacy genius with impeccable prose and ability to construct the perfect sentence or even have the understanding of the correct way to write.

I just write what I love. And I love to write about the world of glamour, the rich and famous and the world of showbiz. I can’t help it. I’ve always been fascinated with those subjects and the high rollers who reside in the land of high gloss and glitter. I may not make any money from my writing (well not yet) but it has to come out of my system and on to paper. And if I can make people happy with what I do, then that’s a bonus.  

So what’s your bliss?

Regarding this type of website and business, do you love to dress up in public or in private? Do you dress and perform on cam or take pics and share online? Do you like to be told what to wear or tells others what to wear? Do you chat with other sissies and crossdressers and swap techniques, ideas and stories?

Do you love to wear lingerie under your work clothes and uniforms, hoping that your fellow work colleagues will discover your secret, or do you wear lingerie when you play or wear then on a daily basis instead of your normal, bog standard Y-fronts?

What about make up? Do you take pride in your make up collection, set it out nicely on your dressing table and take your time to apply your make up or do you just slap on a lick of lipstick to make you feel better?

Do toys and attachments come into your spectrum of bliss? Do you play with toys on your own, with your partner or with friends?

What about being cuckolded? Do you love to see your partner play with others in front of you or remotely over the phone or internet? Do you enjoy being caged up, bound, gagged and unable to play without permission or be forced to wear something outrageous, shameful and be humiliated?

Or are you simply an admirer who likes to watch others and be in their presence?

Finding your bliss is like stepping into a rainbow and washing yourself with its infinite passion and energy.

There is a rainbow of bliss out there for everyone and a colour for every individual. No colour is the same for each person. Each colour contains many shades, hues and intensities. Every colour has layers of sensation, emotion and satisfaction that can provide and fulfil your bliss. All you have to do is to step into your rainbow.   

There is no right or wrong in what makes you happy. As long as it’s legal, it doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s consensual!

You have the right to be happy. And what’s wrong with that?

Play is delayed to 19th July.

Due to the Delta variant spreading quickly in certain areas of the UK, play has been delayed until 19th July. Yes, this is understandable so that more people can be vaccinated. If this is the case, why doesn’t the government roll out a 24 hour service where younger people can turn up at a designated place, queue and get their jabs without having to book? Or am I being a simpleton about this?

Also, this is where I get controversial, we should have some kind of a vaccination passport, like a driving licence, so that we can be allowed into close contact events or be able to go abroad. When we have our second injection, we should have our photo taken, along with our details and the kind of vaccination used and then be presented with an ID card at the end of the session or sent to us. Just like a passport or driving licence, it will have a unique number on it, so that it can’t be forged or used by anyone else because of the photo ID it contains. And if businesses, clubs, bars, restaurants and shops insist that customers have to have both jabs to visit their premises (this is up to the owner’s rules and their rights to protect their staff and businesses) then these cards will come into play and more people will want to be vaccinated to eradicate this deadly disease.

On a lighter note, and just a forewarning you, my bestie Liz (whose birthday it is today) is coming to stay with me for the weekend to celebrate her birthday and to discuss a new business venture we may do together. So if I babble on about random stuff over the weekend, it will be due to me necking a few glasses (or bottles) of prosecco. You have been warned!

That’s all for me. I’m off to raid the cupboard for some lunch. There’s not much in there at the moment so I’m going to do some Infusion cooking. If anyone’s close to me in East London / Essex and is willing to provide me with some FREE cooked meals on wheels, I’d be grateful. Ha ha. It looks like it’s going to be tomato soup and toast again, me thinks. Oh the glamour.

Have a wonderful day.



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