Saturday 12th June 2021

Cue: Steptoe & Son theme tune.

Yes, that’s what my garden looks like at the moment, Steptoe & Son’s junk yard. That won’t last long as I have a man with a van coming over to collect the junk and then my garden can get back to normal.

My friend from Poole is coming to stay for a few days next month to help clear my garage and to fix things around my house. Well her husband is going to fix things and tile my porch, whilst Louise is going to help me take stuff to the charity shops.

Though trust me, thinking I’ve snagged a bargain a few months ago, I accidently bought a cheap box of plain white wall tiles instead of floor tiles. I was hoping to have white floor tiles with gold glitter grouting in the porch and in the downstairs cloakroom. Or even better, gold and white glitter mosaic tiles on the floor to match a gold front door that I’m going to paint.

To get an idea of what I’m looking for, check out my Amazon Wish List. IC)


You are more than welcome to help out and treat me to a pot of paint, floor tiles or some grouting on there. How glamourous is my life? Oh the joys of living in the fast lane! I bet you’re so jealous, aren’t you?

Whilst having a shower the other night, I’ve decided I don’t like the word declutter as it indicates that my house is full of crap and I’m classed as a hoarder (I am in a way but most of the stuff I’m clearing out is my mum’s) so I’m changing the terminology to the word detox, as my house is being cleansed from the inside.

It’s going to take a few months for my house to undergo a basic detox even before anyone can see the results as there’s so much unneeded and old bits and bobs hidden in drawers, cupboards and boxes.

My house has already had its first ‘suppository’ to de-clog the energy as I’ve thrown out lots of junk from my garage and have rearranged it so that I can move about in there instead of recreating the climb over Mount Everest every time I need to get to something.

Before its next de-clogging session in a few week’s time when Louise and Mark descend on me to whip my bottom in to shape, I’ve been clearing and organising the kitchen cupboards, donating bits to charity, recycling and throwing the rest away and I’ve have created a party cupboard where all my party ware is going to live.

Next week I’m going to clear out the rest of my mum’s room so that my friends will have somewhere to sleep when they visit. It won’t take me that long as I’ve done most of the work a few months ago. It was hard at times as emotions became overbearing at times. The tears didn’t and don’t last long, but they come on suddenly and expectantly over random memories.

Jobwise, I had my first interview in 10 years last week. It was for a local job within walking distance from my house, but it was for part time hours, late nights and on a minimum wage. I’m not looking for part time work and I need to earn a decent wage so that I can reinvest it back in to my business, pay my bills and have a life. Anyway, I didn’t get the job, which was a relief. From my point of view, the interviewer was polite but not engaging and just asked questions from their sheet.

I’ve applied to be a Theatrical Agent’s Assistant last week, but haven’t heard back from them. Shame as I love schmoozing and anything to do with the theatre world. Never mind, I’ll just have to work harder.

Anyway, I’ve been watching the repeats of Adults Only on TV about people camming and how much money they can earn from it. One woman said she could earn £500 just from one video. Yeah it’s ok if you’re young, fit and beautiful as you can easily make a living or a small fortune, but for someone like me, an average looking middle aged, dad body man is a completely different matter.

I’m sure there’s a niche market out there for people who want to see someone like me flashing my bits on cam but I doubt if I can make my millions from it, unless I specialise in certain topics or fetishes. Hmmm, that maybe something I’ll have to explore or even create unusual and specific videos to sell online. What do you think? Any ideas? Requests?

Socks And Cream Video 1 – Kinky Klobber

As you may have noticed on our social media (if not, then why not as you should be punished! Ooh that’s an idea. I could slap some bottoms and turn those cheeks rosy and glowing) the countdown clock to the end of lockdown has temporary vanished until we find out this Monday in England if the end of lockdown is still happening on the 21st June or if it’s being extended as cases of Covid has started to rapidly rise again due to the spread of the Delta strain. 

That’s all for now my lovelies.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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