Monday 15th March 2021

Where has that year gone?

Mother’s Day is over so for me this year was, unfortunately just a normal Sunday. Yes obviously I thought of my mum as it’s been a year since her passing, but it wasn’t as bad as it was last year. As they say, time heals.

This week again has been rather quiet. Earlier in the week I had a phone call from an agency to help me find a job. It was very useful as we ended up talking about my business and how I was using social media to promote it. I have another call this week, as well as my Universal Credit call. I’ve told both of the callers that if my business was busier, I wouldn’t need to go on benefits. And when I do find a job, this will help me to build up my business and I will be able to buy new stock and add more features on here.

If you want to help and become a Sissy Site Supporter, please pop over to our mothership site, and click on the donation page. Anything that you can donate is much appreciated. My target is to raise £60 a month. Thank you.

This weekend I had some interesting chats online to other sissies regarding their relationships with their wives. One of the guys has been buying sexy lingerie for his wife but she doesn’t want to wear them so he does now. Apparently he wants her to become a hot wife as their sex life is nil and he’s been trying to spice it up.

I suggested that he was going the wrong way and making it all about his interests. Things like this takes times, possibly months. If he wants an active sex life with his wife, then he should take small steps and make it all about her and what makes her tick and feel comfortable. I did say that he should give her compliments and make her feel special. Not to go overboard and gushy, but say nice things about her cooking or how lovely she looks. Being nice to people can help you get what you want. Try it.

I try to be nice and compliment others as one, this makes them feel better about themselves and two, I benefit from their happiness. Some say this is sneaky, but if you’re making someone happy just by being friendly, then what’s wrong with that?

Sometimes people just want to be noticed, so a simple ‘hello’ can make all the difference. Again, the person who you see on a daily basis maybe shy and desperate to speak to you but they’re afraid of being rejected or ignored.

Test out this theory. Whilst out shopping, spark up a conversation with the assistant. It doesn’t have to be anything in depth and meaningful, just anything random from the weather, how busy the shop is or if you know them, how nice they look. Or when you see a neighbour that you rarely speak to across the street, wave to them or say hello and see what happens.

So going back to the chat with the guy online, he also wants to become a cuckold. This, I didn’t know can also come under the umbrella of being a sissy. For those who don’t know, some wives force their husbands to dress up as a sissy or in sexy underwear and humiliate them in front of other guys or make the husband watch the wife have sex with other men. This can work both ways as the husband can feel sexually elated by being degraded and humiliated or get excited by seeing his wife having sex with one or several partners at one time. If the husband is lucky, he maybe asked to join in the fun or wait to clean her or her sexual partners up at the end of the session.


This kind of Female Led Relationship is where the wife has the power over her husband not just in the bedroom but in their marriage too. The wife is now the dominant partner and the husband becomes the submissive. The husband may be told to dress up or be locked in a cock cage so that he’s not allowed to play without the wife’s permission. Or the wife may give the cage key to one of her lovers to look after. The wife now makes all the important decisions and metaphorically (and often literally) wears the pants in the relationship.

Also the ‘Hot Wife’ is allowed to go off and have sex with other men when and wherever she wants and reports back to her husband in detail of what has happened. Some wives send pictures and videos of her encounters to her caged or cuckolded husband, even when she’s having sex with other men. For this kind of relationship to work, there has to be a lot of trust and love on both sides or otherwise it can become a sticky situation with unhappy consequences. So if you want to invite others into your relationship and have this kind of lifestyle, you both need to do a lot of serious soul searching, converse with each other regarding all of the aspects that is good and bad and be totally honest with each other as that chosen lifestyle may not be suitable for either of you and may only be a fantasy.

Though hopefully not a fantasy, lockdown here in England is due to end on the 21st June. This means nightclubs and other intimate social places will be open and we may be able to live a fairly normal life again. I’m going to try and create a daily countdown post Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of how many days remaining, so do keep checking in.

Do let me know if you need anything discussed on here that you’re not sure of or want to know more details of so that I can do some research for you.

That’s it for now.

Have a lovely week.

Take care.



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