Tuesday 23rd March 2021


Yay. I’ve had my first covid vaccination this morning. Very excited. I don’t know if it was the jab or just the relief, but I had to do the eye thing this afternoon (take a nap) which lasted four hours! The top of my arm aches slightly at the moment as though as I’ve been doing weights (yeah right) but everything seems ok for now. Though to be safe, I will take a paracetamol tablet before I go to bed.

Talking of weights, I must start to eat a bit healthier and do some sit ups as my stomach still resembles a mini beer belly and I need to get into some kind of shape for when the clubs re-open in June and the top comes off amidst a heaving crowd. Please nag me about this as I will need some motivation over the next few months. If I could cook it would be much easier. A chicken ping (a microwaved dinner) is an easier alternative. I know, please don’t judge. 

I’ve also completed the census at the weekend as everyone in the UK has. It was much quicker to fill in the online forms than I thought it would.

As you know, I’m looking for work so that I can reinvest the money back into the business, so I had my last phone call from Ben on Friday, the back to work trainer. It was very interesting as over the three calls we were supposed to speak about how to look for work online, how to apply online and how to adapt my CV to the type of job I’m applying to, but as he knew I was competent in that department, instead we got talking about my business and how to build it up.

So over the two week course, we spoke about memes and hashtags, how to target potential customers and followers, the best times to post them on different social media platforms and how powerful this type of marketing is. At the end of the session, Ben said he was so impressed of what I have down over the two weeks and it was a pleasure to speak with me and will miss our chats. That was lovely of him. I will miss our chats too as he was someone different to talk business with and to get ideas from a younger perspective too.

Regarding memes, for those who have missed them, I’ve been making a daily lockdown countdown meme just to let you all know how many days left until the end of lockdown here in England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own dates.


Our Twitter and Instagram pages are growing fast with new people following every hour and lots of likes a retweets picking up too. And we now have new followers on Sissy Site this week too which is really exciting. Thank you.

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Sissy Site (@SiteSissy) / Twitter

Sissy Site (@sissysite) • Instagram photos and videos

So whilst going through and clicking on people who to follow on my social media accounts, I’ve noticed some repeat information with has inspired me to create a new project. This is may take a while as I will need to do a lot of research, so do keep a lookout for that.

Thank you for everyone who has messaged me and has joined our Facebook group and liked our Facebook page. I have joined other Facebook groups to get some inspiration and to see if there are any trends we are missing out on.

Also, I have joined an adult website yesterday which has lots of fetish groups and like-minded people on there, some of the people I recognise from other sites and who I have met in some London clubs. I’m going to take it slow on there and build up my profile. I have been a bit naughty and have added some hashtags in the ‘about me’ section so in a few weeks my profile should be searchable and hopefully will bring in new customers and followers.

I also joined another site but an hour later I tried to log in but have been banned. Oh dear, their loss! This has given me the push to make Sissy Site ‘THE’ place to go for all your sissy needs.

Again this is where I need your help. I know we are in the middle of tough financial times, but if you do have any spare cash, please visit our mother site, www.kinkyklobber.com/donations and donate whatever you can. This helps to maintain the cost of the site and will help to build Sissy Site into a major player within the cross dressing / sissy world.


Thanks again for all your support.

Have an amazing week.



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