Thursday 11th March 2021


Yes it’s that time of year for me to celebrate another year on this planet and to remember a sad time as well.

For all you new followers, my mum passed away last year from old age and I wanted to have her funeral on my birthday, joining the both days so that I could see all my friends and family at one time and have lots of support when needed.

This year is totally different as I’m Billy No Mates at home, with no friends staying over to look after me and no cat to fuss over as he gained his wings over Christmas.

I’m not ‘woe is meing’ (been there, done that earlier this year) but just contemplating how much has changed in one year. I have grown up a lot and surprised many people with my strength and courage of coping under pressure as loved ones passed over, leaving behind a huge empty hole in my life. Though out of darkness comes the light and new beginnings are occurring and changes are coming. Ooer missus.

In the meantime, I shall be celebrating on my tod with a bottle of prosecco (I’d rather have a bottle of Bollinger) and watching the usual crap on TV.

If you want to cheer me up, here is the link to my Amazon Wish List. Hint hint!!!

#amazon #amazonwishlist

Business news, my sales compared to last year are down as people still don’t have any spare cash to spend on luxuries, unless you’re a Real Housewife Of… but I am gaining more followers per day on all the social media platforms which is a bonus.  

I’m hoping to have my vaccination jab soon which means when lockdown is over, I’ll be able to organise some sissy events and parties. Just need to look for suitable venues as my house is in such a mess at the moment, it would be too embarrassing for people to come over and see. Perhaps I need to seek out some sissies who would come around and do some free DIY for me. Any offers?

Right. I’m off to bed to prepare for all those birthday phone calls I’m going to get when I wake up. Ha ha.

Have a wonderful day.



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