Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Spring is almost here and it looks like there’s light at the end of the tunnel for us Brits here in the UK.

Apparently on the 12th April, non-essential shops here in England are supposed to open. And with my vaccination jab on the horizon, along as becoming a year older, March seems to be a rather exciting time with new ideas, new opportunities and new ways of thinking taking place.

Spring is normally the time when we all take stock of what we have or want and brush away the cobwebs in the house or in the mind.

As you already know, I’m reading the book, Think And Grow Rich. I’m trying to follow the stages and do what they say but this is easier said than done as I can be naughty and like to break the rules.

I have put some affirmations on my Vision Board and read them out loud every day in a joyous fashion. It’s important that we think positive thoughts because if we fill our minds with doubt and disbelief, these thoughts will manifest into their physical equivalents and can cause all kinds of damage.

When riches begin to come, they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years.

Fingers crossed!

February was a very disappointing month regarding sales and growth, though our social media coverage is growing fast and Twitter is picking up with nearly 1,000 followers. Plus I have one new follower on here which is very exciting.

In the meantime, I’m trying to come up with different sissy memes so if you like any of them, please like and share them with your followers too.

As you may have previously read, March is my birthday month. Hopefully this year will be cheerful compared to last year as having a wicked sense of humour, I had my mum’s funeral on my birthday. I know that may sound really strange, but it was an ideal time to see all of my friends and family in one go and have some support on a rather sad occasion. I’m sure my mum would have loved that too.

So, as we can’t meet up this year to celebrate my birthday and to be cheeky, here is a link to my Amazon Wish List.

#amazon #amazonwishlist

Along with some naughty underwear and other bits and bobs, you will notice that there are some odd items regarding DIY on there. I need to start clearing away the clutter now and make my house my home. It’s going to be very odd as I don’t really have any design taste, although I do like the style of 80’s TV show Dynasty, the West End musical, The Phantom Of The Opera and the houses of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, especially Lisa Vanderpump’s. Yes I do love my glitz and glamour. Please don’t judge me.


Because of the social media coverage, Sissy Site is now getting more hits and views per day, which is fabulous. In the coming year I’m aiming to make Sissy Site the place for all your sissy needs. You will see slight improvements and additions to the site over the coming months


This is where your help is needed. I’ve added a donations page on to raise money to keep this site going. At the moment it cost’s on average £60 a month for the upkeep. That’s the target I’m looking to raise every month. When sales start to pick up and more people become more generous, I can then add on things like chat rooms etc and in the future employ someone to maintain the site for me. So if you have any spare cash, please donate below. Thank you.  

Whilst out jogging (Yes I still do this in the evening and I do need some sexy running tights, see my Amazon Wish List) I had an idea for making new men’s jewellery. So that night I designed some Men’s Cum Slut necklaces for when we can be playful go out and meet again.

They are on sale now at

I have already had some interest in them so I will be creating different designs over the next few weeks to build up a collection. If you belong to the Sissy Site Shop Facebook group, you will get updates on there.

(2) Sissy Site | Facebook

#thesissysiteshop #facebook

As you may have noticed, I’ve been using some hashtags on this blog. Apparently, I did an online search the other day of one of my hashtags and my site popped up. How exciting is that?

Also I’ve learnt some new hashtags regarding a part of the sissy world that I never knew of.

Someone I met at a club, don’t ask me what type of club this was as I’m not going to tell you, who had a sissy slave pay him for a 10 minute phone call. I put this at the back of my mind until I came across these hashtags last month.    






Apparently there are people in the sissy world willing to serve and give their money away as it arouses them and gives them sexual gratification. This is called Financial Domination. So if any of you sissies out there wants to get their satin lined rocks off and release that built up tension in your never regions and in your wallets, you know which donation button to press on here! Ha ha. 

Well, it’s come to that time in the evening to pop open a bottle of prosecco and slip on my silky pjs for a cosy night for one.

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I shall look forward to all unwrapping all those parcels coming through my door this month.

Take care my lovelies.



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