Monday 22nd February 2021

It’s Motivation Monday! #motivationmonday

Yay. I need some get up and go. Who doesn’t?

To be honest, I have been lacking in doing stuff around the house (this is where I need some Sissy slaves to tackle my decorating and cleaning for me) but over the weekend I have been busy designing new Sissy anklets which are ready to purchase on ebay and www.kinkyklobber,com

Half an hour later from writing the first section of this blog, yes it really took me that long on how get here and back to the normal style and all I had to do was click on the backspace button, I’m back on track.

I am now on page 52 of Think And Grow Rich book. It takes me a while to read as I do it in bed before sleepies and some nights I like to switch off and just slob out to some tv instead of invigorating my brain.

I’m now on Chapter 3, Faith and have been doing the exercises. I’ve created a business mood board with quotes, targets and pictures and saying my daily mantras. As they say, if you don’t ask you won’t get!

I’m in the middle of writing my own motivation book to sell (it’s been on hold for a while now) and have been reading it again. I can’t believe what great ideas are in there and I should take my own advice. Well I will now.

Another great book which changed my life is The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen. I’ve lost the follow up book, along with The Secret. I’m sure they must be in my house somewhere as they went missing a few years ago after me moving the dust about. That’s what I call cleaning, moving dust. Hands up, my house is rather littered with clutter at the moment, but having been living here for 42 years, I have accumulated unwanted stuff. And now that I’m going though my mum’s gear and clearing that out as well, I’m finding the odd hidden gem within her belongings as well as a multitude of carrier bags and tissues!

Job hunting is really slow at the moment as obviously nothing is open yet. I have had a chat with my Universal Credit coach and he has given me a list of things to do. Hopefully when lockdown eases, there will be some opportunities out there. In the meantime, I’ve been doing some research and working out how to earn some extra income from my websites and I may have cracked the Premium Content section on here. To start off, I shall be charging £1 a month. I’m not sure what content is needed, possibly add group chat, competitions etc, so that’s the next step. Any ideas?

The Sissy Site Twitter account is growing fast with nearly 800 followers and I’m now being mentioned in other people’s tweets! This is rather exciting and unexpected. Instagram though has slowed down. But I do get a lot of people liking my posts which is brilliant.

I’m now adding more bits and bobs that I want on my Amazon Wish List, see the link below, only because I saw a programme the other night about a Mistress who received lots of parcels from her slaves and followers. So I thought if she can do it, so can I! I do have some random items on there like a gold thrown, vacuum bags and compost to glitter grout, paint and tiles as I intend to decorate my porch sometime this year. Well, when I say decorate that means someone else to do it for me as I’m crap at DIY. Any offers? And as it will be my birthday next month, it would be fun to be spoilt. Don’t you think?

Well it’s that time for me to put on my leopard print eye mask, slink into my satin sheets and bid you all a good night.

I shall let you know when a parcel arrives.

Take care my lovelies.



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