Thursday 15th July 2021

Don’t laugh, but for some strange reason, I keep getting guys with BBC (look it up) who want to have their wicked way with me. I’m very flattered of the attention and I’m not saying no as that would be rather stupid. But I’m saying no for now. This is because I still feel anxious when I go on crowded public transport, let alone have a glistening, large throbbing manhood thrusting and groaning within my vicinity. I’m sure when lockdown is over and the nightclubs open again I will start playing. But for now, as a friend would say, ‘Shop’s shut!’ 

Jobwise, I have applied for a bar manager’s position in a top London gay nightclub. I know I’m punching way out of my league as I don’t have any experience working behind a bar, but I do have loads of experience in the hospitality industry from being a famous coloured holiday coat, to looking after a young, vibrant team of luvvies when I was a front of house supervisor at a West End theatre. Plus I’ve have loads of customer care, cash handling and merchandising experience and knowledge. I guess there will be loads of applicants for the job who are more qualified and have better credentials than me, but who knows? If it’s meant to be….

My whirlwind friends from the south coast came and went. They fixed stuff around my house, stripped my wall paper and we had a trip to The British Museum as her daughter wanted to visit the Egyptian exhibit. Louise and I giggled around the vast rooms as we made up stories about the Egyptians and how we ‘remembered’ the lifestyle back in the day. Though I’m sure the other visitors must have been fed up with us being silly, but we didn’t care. I have to admit I was really impressed to see The Rosetta Stone, plus a selection of wall carvings that I have seen many times on the Ancient Aliens TV programme. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but on some of the hieroglyphics you could see several images of smiling, winking emojis! Who knew? 

My friends are coming back to stay next month as we’re all going to see Jason Donovan in Joseph at The London Palladium. That’s if he does a Sunday matinee. I wonder what high jinks we’ll get up to that weekend? I shudder to think.  

My next big task is to clear out my small back bedroom and possibly turn it into an office. I’m still not sure if I want to do that, but the bedroom / office is in the money section of my house, which may help to improve my finances. At the moment, it’s full of junk and stuff to go through, plus the walls still have my old motor racing car wall paper up from when I was younger.

I have to admit that my house still doesn’t feel like it’s mine yet, even though it’s been a year and a half since my mum’s passing. It feels like I’m waiting for my mum to come back from bingo and that I’m waiting for the cat to come back from his usual neighbourly prowl. Perhaps when the house is less cluttered and has had a major detox with new brightly coloured walls and furnishings added that’s in my taste (whatever that it), then my feelings should change. But for now, I’m in limbo. Possibly that’s also how my mind is as well.   

It’s very difficult to suddenly switch from one life to another overnight. Having a mum one day and then not the next is still heart breaking. But life has to move on. I can’t live in the past. I have loads of fantastic memories but I have to look forward to new opportunities and experiences. Yes it’s easier said than done.  

That’s one of the reasons why I want to get my house sorted and cleared so that I can have some sissy slaves come over and pay me to train, torment and worship me. If I can earn at least £600 a month from that, then I can come off Universal Credit and start having a life again. So who’s going to be first in the queue for a spanking?

That’s it for today. I’m off to rub some more antiseptic cream on to my mozzie bitten legs and then have a cup of Earl Grey tea. Oh the glamour.

Have a great day my beauties.

Stay sexy.



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