Wednesday 9th December 2020


We now have 100 followers on our Facebook page. Thank you. How exciting is that? Can we double the followers by the end of the year? Only you sexy peeps can do that by spreading the word to your friends.

Also, to be ahead of everyone else and want to be in the know more before everyone else, then please click on the subscribe button. And the more subscribers we have, I can then create a private membership area just for you VIPs.

Completely changing the subject, this afternoon I started buying my Christmas dinner. It’s only going to be me this year as my mum passed away in February, so it’s going to be rather odd but not quite lonely, as I have my cat to keep me company. Saying that, he does give me dirty looks when I sing and dance for him. Rude. And he should be happy today as I spent £28 on special cat biscuits.

My beautiful picture

Again I went jogging tonight and decided that I now need some running tights. So any of you sexy sissies who want to make me feel special, here is my Amazon Wish List.

There are other stuff on there, so do take a look. Perhaps if you bought me some lingerie, I could take some private pics for you!

Take care and see you tomorrow.



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