Tuesday 8th December 2020

Just come back from jogging and my legs are freezing. Luckily I found my old black 80’s leg warmers earlier, so they are keeping me toasty. I should invest in some long running tights to wear under my shorts. Hmmm. Idea!

If anyone is feeling generous, you can buy me a pair from my newly created Amazon wish list. The link is on our Sissy Site Facebook page.

Nothing exciting, but as I was looking in my garage for some bungees to tie up some boxes to my trolley this afternoon, I accidently caught the leg on my pyjama bottoms and ripped a small hole in them. That’s ok as no one is going to see that and I can easily sew that up.



Published by Kinky Klobber

Selling - alternative lifestyle, adult clothing and equipment - adult industry merchandise.

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