25th May 2021

Four days!

Yes four days it has taken me to death clean my bedroom. When I say death clean, it means a deep clean. An affectionate term used by my friend Liz when she’s on one. Her cleaning kick that is.

So as of typing this blog, I can now sit comfortably at my desk which hasn’t been used as a desk in years. Normally I’d have you casually flapping about on my lap in the lounge as I watch TV. I mean, I’d have my laptop on my lap in the lounge. Which in fairness I can still do, depending on my mood. Oh I do like to be multifunctional. It makes life so much more interesting. Don’t you think?

Anyway, last night as I sat in bed watching a TV programme about adult parties, I looked around the room and everything seemed to sparkle and shine. I was blinded by the bright light. And yes Liz, I did polish the lightbulbs as you used to, though not on a daily basis!

My mirror balls now reflect their glitter off the walls as they originally did many moons ago and I can now recognise the TV that was hidden underneath a blanket of dust. Designer dust, obviously.

I should become a dressed or naked cleaner and make money from all this cleaning malarkey.

Ha ha. Though on second thoughts, I don’t want to be the cause of a tsunami of hospital admittances from the horror from seeing my pasty, flabby stomach wobbling all over the place. Good grief. They’d definitely be no happy endings there!

Anyhow, the next stage on the agenda is to clear my mum’s bedroom and turn that into my office. Once that’s room is cleared, (which has to be done by the beginning of July as I have friends staying over to help decorate and do some dump runs for me and they need somewhere to sleep too) I can then play a giant game of moving the tiles around, or furniture, to make a pretty picture.

Then all I have to do after that is clear my back bedroom, which is now my junk room and turn that into a guest / play room for anyone who wishes to sleep over or pop in for some fun. Deep joy.


Business Updates

I’ve been looking online at my business and motivational Facebook pages that I follow and have been watching old videos on tips on how to grow my business.

One lady said that doing videos help to bring in customers. I’m not sure on that part for me as I may scare everyone away. But as they say, never say never.

Again sales are still very low, even compared to this time last year. So as I was dusting my bookcase, I looked through my sales from a few years ago and I am still selling the same kind of products, even on ebay too, but back then, I was losing so much money and not making any profit. Especially now that I recently noticed that I have been giving ebay extra money simply from clicking a button which is under my normal picture to pay for an extra-large gallery photo listing at £3 a time.

So can you imagine by not noticing this simple mistake I must have made years ago, and having used the same template to relist different items over and over again, I must have paid ebay about £5,000 in fees.


If you do sell on ebay, make sure that when you add a picture, DO NOT click on the small button underneath for an enlarged gallery picture as you will be charged £3 every time that item is relisted. 

I worked out that some months I was paying on average an extra £100 on fees just for this service, so beware!!!!

Good news, I have noticed that there is some cross pollination starting between Sissy Site and http://www.kinkyklobber.com where people are linking through one site to the other.

This is fantastic. I just wish I could afford to buy new stock and add some interactive chat rooms and forum for you so that you can all meet up but this costs a lot of money which I don’t have at the time. And this is why I am looking for work to fund my business for you. I’ve applied for a position as a Night Receptionist at a local hotel, so we’ll see how that goes.

Saying that, you are more than welcome to help out by donating through the Kinky Klobber Donation page

Donations – Kinky Klobber

This will also help to keep the website running as I need to find £60 a month to pay for the upkeep. Obviously Universal Credit only allows me to just pay my bills but I want to get out of that system which I hate and be independent once again.

My aim is to be a leading player in the Sissy / Crossdressing community and help you wherever I can. But to do this, I will need your help. So please spread the Sissy Site name about, follow us on all of our social media platforms, like and retweet our posts as the more people who do that, the more new people we can attract and the more money I can make to reinvest in an interactive website that will benefit you. 

You may think I’m rather strange, idiotic and naïve to be so honest with you regarding my business details as most companies hide all of their secrets from their customers and competitors, but what’s the point in that? I believe in an enlightened business where I can help others to achieve not just their dreams but their fantasies too.

I do have lots of other plans and activities lined up for the future, but these will be unveiled nearer the time. I’m keeping all those secrets hidden in my frilly panties. And no, you can’t pop by have a grope. You’ll just have to wait, you naughty people!

Yes, I may be the first one to be fired on The Apprentice for being too nice, but I can’t change who I am to please other people just to fit into their stereotypical boxes that they’ve created.

The only time I’ll change is when I’m paid by the hour to slap your bottoms. And I’ll need a playroom for that. So get your fingers walking, your credit cards out and visit my Amazon Wish list.


That’s all for now. Have a great week.

Life is for living.

Don’t save anything for Best. Best is now!



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