Sunday 9th May 2021

Sat 8th May 2021

Oh dear.

Let’s leave it at that.

For most of you know what happens when I get together with my bestie, well, if not, then you’ll need to read my previous blogs, she is staying here for the weekend so that we can sort out both of our websites, sort out Wills and other legal paperwork.

It’s now the night after a bottle and a half of wine each and an early night at 10.30pm (yes we were both lightweights last night) we are now sat in our pj’s with our business heads on, poised over our laptops in mission control which is my kitchen, on the table that’s been buried in clutter for six years, ready for action.

As of writing this blog, Liz is having trouble finding her password to log into one of her sites, so that gives me the time to do some writing. Though sods law, during writing the last sentence, we have lift off and her password has been found.

She going to hate me for writing this, but Liz has sleep tourettes which is so funny. I knew she was getting tired as I looked over to her on the sofa and a low snore rumbled from underneath the duvet. The next minute she was sat upright, arms flung in the air and bellowed ‘cock a doodle doo’ before returning to her slumber.

Obviously she doesn’t recall this, but we laughed so much this morning when I recalled the event.

Sunday 9th May

Jumping for joy as I now have a drop down menu on my main website

The site looks so much cleaner, fresher and professional, with an after-glow of satisfaction and joy.

Though the poor old girl finished with a headache as it took her six hours yesterday to fix all the mess that I had made and now having a training session on what not to do in the future or otherwise I’m going to get my wrists slapped again!

And this afternoon Liz has re-zhuzhed all my blog topics and removed old promotions, links and outdated news. Apparently there were about 80 posts to go through but I have cooked her breakfast and dinner over the weekend as a thank you!

Staying with Liz, she has created a new website

She is such a talented psychic and knows when and what I’ve been up to, so I can’t hide anything from her anymore. Damn and blast!

We are going to have a go at doing a tarot card reading over messenger in a view for her to do that for a future business. She is brilliant and is spot on but doesn’t have to courage or confidence in her abilities to go, as they say public.

As usual, Liz did my tarot cards Saturday evening and they said that we had to have a brain storming session on Sunday about a business opportunity that we can do together which will be very prosperous. Immediately I said we should do something to do with karate as she used to have an amazing and very popular karate site which was dedicated to all aspects of karate, though unfortunately was ambushed by a federation for which she became close to and that tarnished her love for the sport.

After 10 years away from the karate world and of me telling her how she could have monetarized her website and saying how brilliant it was, although she never had the courage to do this and was bound by the society that she worked for, I said that she should restart her site, but this time for all the branches of karate and for the whole of the UK as she now has no ties to any particular federation and is an independent person with a renewed interest in the sport.

Again, during the tarot reading I got another one of her classic ‘shut up’ looks having remarked about redoing her site and we carried on until she told me that she was told by spirit that we had to do another reading on Sunday afternoon at 12.42pm.

Sunday 12.42pm came and we commenced the reading. The cards looked rather rosey and promising with new opportunities and money coming to me, then a crossroads card turned up. Liz said I was blindfolded but didn’t know where to go, which is true.

Then suddenly her phone rang and it was one of her old Karate Sensi’s that she hadn’t spoken to in years! Liz’s draw dropped and continued the reading, reluctantly knowing that was a sign for us to join forces. 

Fantastic news as we have reached 2,000 members. Thank you to all our fabulous followers.

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Normally I use Twitter to promote some of my products but thought I have a go through Facebook Buy And Sell pages. Even though I got two new customers from that, I have been slated and bitched about for posting my wears on there. So in future, no more posts on there for unappreciated small minded, backward thinking people.

And breathe…

Job wise. A few disappointments have appeared on that front. I applied for the perfect job for working at a top London attraction, was offered an online interview the following week but due to an online communication error, I received a basic rejection email the next day.

A few days later, I applied for another job in the West End. I never heard back from them but guessed that the position had already been taken as the company had to advertise the position to the general public for legal purposes.

Never mind.

Positive thoughts, words and deeds

Brings the benefits that you need!

Phew. That was a marathon for you to read. Apology for the outpour from the fingertips.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

Don’t forget, if you wish to become a Sissy Site Supporter, please show your gratitude on our donation page.

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My target is to find £60 a month to keep both sites up and running. Thank you.

New lockdown changes come in force on May 17th, so let’s hope more doors will open for us all and the start of better things to come.

That’s all my news for now.

Have an amazing week.



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