Monday 12th April 2021

Today’s Thoughts.

I had an unexpected visit from my bubble friend this weekend. I was laying on the sofa waiting for the gas man to turn up, he didn’t, and I heard a noise outside of my porch. Assuming it was coming from the neighbours, I continued watching the TV and heard another noise coming from my hall. I got up and peeped around the corner where I saw my friend standing there. I screamed like a girl, which made her laugh.

It was a great weekend. My friend got drunk which was funny as she can be rather louder than usual. I was a bit tiddly after a bottle of wine, but not as bad as her last visit where I was splayed across the living room floor for two hours. Anyway, as usual, my friend did my tarot cards and I was told great things are coming my way but I have to start clearing out the clutter from my house as I am being blocked from new opportunities  because my house is too full of my mum’s energy and not mine.

Liz went on to say that the spirit of my mum was with her, holding on to a dominant, older gentleman’s arm. We assumed this to be my mum’s dad who I never met. Through Liz, they said I have wallowed long enough and it was time to move on and I have to make the house my own now.

So feeling better from having their permission, I have been taking down some of my mum’s Elvis Presley memorabilia off the walls and have placed them on my local Facebook selling pages. Fingers crossed.

Even better, by chance I popped into one of my local charity shops on the way to the Post Office today and they said that they are taking donations, so at last I can clear out the bin bags full of stuff that have been cluttering up my kitchen. And even, even better, I met a friend down my high street and she offered to help me take my donations in her car. Bonus!

Last week I got a phone call from an old friend and we were talking about her daughter finishing off Drama College in a few months and was looking for some audition pieces. I happened to say that I wrote some monologues many years ago whilst I worked in a West End theatre and sent them over to her.

We then got chatting on how I could sell them online to other students and actors. So today whilst looking online for inspiration as I want to sell my writing as an ebook, I came across a website on ideas of how to earn money by blogging and affiliation. I will have to look into this.

Also there was a short video on there about how people have been making money from their YouTube channels. Well, sometime last year, I already had created a Sissy Site YouTube channel, so I thought I create a simple video (there’s no music to it as I don’t know how to do that yet) to showcase a selection of sissy anklets which can be purchased on

Here is the link to the video. Or if you search online and use the #thesissysite hashtag, a link will take you to the video. You can’t imagine how excited this made me.  

Sissy Site Anklets April 2021 – YouTube

When I have to courage, I may take the plunge one day and film myself reviewing products and clubs or perhaps have a live stream where I’m interviewing people. I really don’t like seeing myself in videos or hearing my voice, but it may be a different avenue to explore. We’ll see.

Job wise, I didn’t pass a first selection process online, even though I thought I was guaranteed a position as it was to work in a  brand new shop, a job which I could do standing on my head. My friends told me that perhaps I was too old for the position as companies want younger people to train up their ways and traditions as well as pay them less money than someone who’s experienced as myself. In retrospect, this could be a blessing as that role may not have been right for me and the ideal job will appear soon. Thinking positive.

Saying that, I don’t really want to go back into full time employment but the money from the up and coming job will pay my bills and will be invested back into my business so that I can expand the website, buy more products to sell and profitably work from home once again.

To help to keep this website going, you are more than welcome to pop over to our mothership website and donate whatever you can. As you know, I have a target of £60 to raise each month for the cost of running the site and for hosting fees, so anything that you can give, I will be truly grateful.


Donations – Kinky Klobber

Great news on the social media front as our Sissy Site presence is getting more followers over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And I have been creating new Sissy jewellery designs for you to purchase through Kinky Klobber and my ebay store. Do keep popping by as more designs are on their way!

Please stay safe out there regarding the opening of non-essential shops. Remember to keep your distance and enjoy the outside dining and drinking experience. Hopefully this is the first step to rebuild our communities and the economy so that our local small businesses can become great as they once were.  

Well that’s it for now.

If you have any ideas on what you would like to discuss on here, please let me know.

Have a great week.



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