Monday 8th February 2021

Well, being reflective isn’t the word of de jour but happy memories come to mind.

This time last year the start of a horrific year was about to happen with the demise and loss of my mum. Over the next two weeks I guess my mind may drift off back to those dark times. Though saying that, I did have the support of my two friends who left their own lives and came to live with me, looked after me and cheered me up. I knew what was going to happen with my mum but nothing like that prepares you for the loss and the emptiness of a loved one.

And now a year has passed and changes have happened, not just for me but in everyone’s lives, my time of wallowing is coming to an end and my new adult life is just beginning.

Over the past few months I have learnt a lot of things, that if I put my mind to something, I can make a success out of it, regardless how long it may take me to get there and what people may think of me. I know people think that I’m this fluffy piece of candyfloss that floats through life on a diamond encrusted cloud and live in the land of the fairies, but never underestimate what I can do, what talents, power and wisdom I have locked away in reserve. And when I am ready, be prepared as my inner beast will erupt and surprise those who thought that I can be trod on and passed over. You have no idea of what I’m capable of when I put my mind to it.

By this, I mean I created a Facebook group a few months ago and since January 2021 it became really popular and grew so quick with over 500 members joining within the last two weeks. Unfortunately I had to close the group as yet again, I was putting all this effort and time into promoting it and getting members to join that I wasn’t getting any financial rewards from it. It was a tough decision to make, but the right decision.

So now I’m looking into creating a members only section on my Kinky Klobber site where I can make money from what I love doing and that’s writing and connecting with people. So, I’ve set up the payment section, I’ve created a payment button, I created a members only page and even loaded up a test picture. But can I find it on my website? Can I heck. It took me an hour just to learn how to add an extra menu button to the top of the home page. I guess it make take me a bit longer to live my dream, but I’m on the right track. I just need to dig out that battered drivers manual, slip on my leather gloves, buckle up and practice, practice practice!!!

In the meantime I have been trying to build up Instagram and Twitter platforms and came across a new aspect of the sissy world. Has anyone heard of Cash Slaves, Cash Pigs or Pay Pigs? Apparently these are people who get an arousal for giving their money away to Mistresses and Masters. There’s nothing strange in that, so I thought I’d have a try. So I slipped on my Master’s dominating head and put out a message on Twitter asking for any paypigs to treat me, as it will be my birthday next month. If I can get get 10 people paying me £100 a month, then all my bills and debt would be paid! Fingers crossed.

With funds now on the slim side, I have updated my CV and applied for two jobs. Both are fairly local. Although if the members only side of my website took off and created the same amount of members that I had in my Facebook group, then that would become my full time job with an unlimited income source. How exciting would that be?

Then, when the shops start to reopen, I’d be able to get my hair cut again and look somewhat presentable! Last week I had to chop a lot of it off as I was sporting a Kevin Keegan mullet. Now it’s a wonky, all over different layered ‘refined punk-esque’ style. I’d say it’s more of a natural, just woken up, bedroom look, others will say it’s a mess. I won’t pit a picture of that up on here as it would frighten everyone away.

And on that note, I’m signing off.

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Thanks for reading.

Take care.


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